Post-214 Thoughts: The 3 Types of Girls on Valentine’s Day

For some girls, waking up this morning may have been all smiles and breaking into songs after reminiscing on the day that was. Yesterday was Valentine’s Day and looking at my news feed, I have come to recognize that there are different ways a girl would treat this once-a-year non-public, but still, holiday. I call them the 3 types of girls on Valentine’s Day.

But first, let’s put the spotlight on the men who, between the pressure of social media and what’s now the norm, are urged to debate upon themselves whether or not they should give something special to their woman on the Day of Cupid. With all honesty,  I say, being a single guy on February 14th really is a lot easier.

Perhaps before deciding on how to approach the celebration that seem to put men in a trap, dissecting the kind of woman they are dating or pursuing is essential.

The Hopeless Romantic

We all know at least one girl who gets giddy on V-Day. This is the girl who may not only hope but would really expect something of a production number sort of gift on Valentine’s. Whether it’s the cliche combo of flowers, teddy, and chocolates, or a dinner at a fancy restaurant, this girl’s got her eyes on the prize. Not all romantics can admit to being one too.

So if you’re  a guy who thinks your girl just couldn’t care less about Valentine’s, think again. Think incessantly and backtrack to your conversations. There must be a hint there somewhere about how much she appreciates a man—even a fictional character—to be all chivalrous and thoughtful. They believe in love and how it should be celebrated.

And that’s nice because not a lot of people do that anymore.


The Annoyed

Becoming the Valentine’s version of a Christmas Grinch can be a process, but for some, it simply is the way it is. These are the women who not only say but who truly believe that Valentine’s is nothing but a scam put up by capitalists and everything is just the result of commercialism. This, I can’t help but agree with. But I cannot really deem myself worthy enough to be in this category.

I do have some friends who truly dislike the idea of Valentine’s. No, not dislike, but really loathe this day of the year. It’s true, some pretend to hate it for some reason, but some you can tell their resentment is genuine. If you ever come across this type, shut your mouth and don’t begin a debate. Win her heart some other day.


The damned-if-you-do-damned-if-you-don’t

Men dating this kind of women are lucky. They are simply easy to please. They don’t pretend to hate or like Valentine’s Day, they’re just… meh. I think this is how most of us girls evolve into as we mature. We start realizing the impracticality of overpriced bouquets and the inconvenience of braving the traffic just to get to your planned date night.

We appreciate sweet gestures, but would never hold a grudge on our man, or feel the slightest self-pity for being the only girl who did not receive anything on heart’s day. Simple.

While it’s true that we can always celebrate and express love any day and every day of the year, there really is nothing wrong with hopping on the bandwagon. Just as there’s nothing wrong with not making a big deal about it. However you choose to observe it should be respected.

A wise man once told me that the true celebration happens on the 15th, when all the chocolates are on sale! Yehey for today after all!

This post first appeared in Quaint Quinn.

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