About Wedding Kultura

We love weddings and you probably do too because you're here! Wedding Kultura is a bunch of eager individuals who are always on the lookout for tested tips and new trends in the wedding industry. We aim to build a community where brides, future brides, and former brides can bring inspiration and be inspired with real stories of romance and of celebrations of happily-ever-afters. From overcoming the pressures of wedding planning to scoring the best deals in the market, from finding the most picturesque locale to executing the DIY wedding of your dreams, we'll take care of making it easier for you!


Editor's Note

Hey there! Thank you so much for dropping by in this corner of the blogosphere! I cannot say that I have always envisioned my dream wedding ever since I was just a little girl. I, however, have always been fascinated by intricate details that result in a breathtaking overall look and feel—just like the result of any weddings! I love crafting too and my very own wedding was 80% DIY, but let me talk about that more in a future post.

I head the marketing team of our mother brand, Kaeratana Design Studio, which offers a craft and hobby shop, among others. On the side, I maintain (or try to) my personal blog, Quaint Quinn, where I talk about travel, food, DIY, and of course, weddings. I woke up one morning and realized that it's time to officially branch out to weddings so I can better discover and share new ideas on this niche, so I gathered fellow wedding enthusiasts and came up with this! I hope you enjoy exploring Wedding Kultura as much as we did, er, do building it.

Lots of love,

Quinn's DIY wedding has been featured in an Australian online magazine.