Adventure Glam Prenup Shoot for Charlote and Regel

They say love is life’s biggest adventure. Trusting someone and making yourself vulnerable. Choosing to stay by each other’s side as you navigate the perilous unknown future.  Discovering new things and fighting battles together. All these demand not a small amount of courage, indeed. And in an adventure glam prenup shoot, this couple proved they can conquer just about anything when they are on each other’s side.

For duo Regel and Charlote Zamora, taking risks is just par for the course. They should know, they’ve been married for almost a decade. After weathering countless storms together over the years, they decided to have their marriage officially blessed by the Church on their 8th Wedding Anniversary—with 8, of course, symbolizing infinity.

Wanting to show off their bold spirits, the couple traveled all the way to Biri Island, Northern Samar for an edgy, adventure glam prenup session.

In most of the frames, the raw, breath-taking outdoors take center stage. Featured quite prominently is the stunning stone formation that Biri Island is famous for.  Relentlessly barraged by crashing waves, it stands stubbornly upright, as if to confront the looming sunset in the horizon, a potent symbol of steadfast love.

adventure glam prenup

adventure glam prenup

With the real and ever-present danger of falling into the abyss of water below, producing those “buwis-buhay” shots took a lot of daring. Slippery, jagged slope, and a long flowing gown did not make it any easier.

But, the spectacular results were worth it. And, the confidence and serenity in the couple’s faces made it look so deceptively easy.

The photographer had a field day, playing with natural light and superimposing images over each other.  Even in their other shoot location, Sto. Nino Shrine Tacloban, this unconventional and skilled editing is very apparent.

The finished video intelligently cuts and splices to not only tell a romantic story, which it does so poignantly but also to showcase nature, history, and architecture.

Reckless the shoot may be, but the images, nevertheless, look glamorous and refined. The bride made it a point to display her love for fashion, including the clever use of a stylish ring to conceal a stain on her right index finger, that she got a few hours earlier when dyeing her groom’s hair.

For Charlote and Regel, love has, figuratively and literally, taken them to dizzying heights, thanks to their unforgettable adventure glam prenup shoot. But, they intend to seize every moment, because, after all, true love is dangerous in the best way possible.

Bride: Charlote Dizon-Zamora
Groom: Regel Zamora
Photography: Paopao Sanchez
Videography: Team Panda
Styling: Geof Lagria
Coordination: Carlo Abaquitta
Locale: Sto. Nino Shrine Tacloban and Biri Island Northern Samar

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