Aisha and Matt’s Modern Filipiniana Wedding

The job offer

Their boy-meets-girl version was through a job offer.

Matt just nailed his final interview for the underwriting assistant position he was applying for. The only thing left to do was to sign the job offer. That job offer would be presented to him by the recruitment specialist, who, as you might have guessed, was Aisha.

Few weeks into his new work, Matt found himself volunteering to help pack relief goods for victims of a typhoon that just hit the country. He always had a compassionate heart, but he admitted that the other reason for the volunteerism was because he heard the entire human resource department would be there, including Aisha. Turned out, he was smitten by the charming recruiter who welcomed him to the company. Aisha would later confess that she herself found the new recruit as cute.

Three years later, this would become an anecdote fondly shared in front of Matt and Aisha’s closest family and friends in their would be modern Filipiniana wedding.

The gift of time

Despite working in the same company, Matt and Aisha’s shifts were not always in sync. But it was one of the things they have managed to work out. Aptly, Aisha gifted her groom a special wrist watch.


She handed his work offer – He said Yes. He asked her to marry him – She said Yes.

Matt popped the question during an intimate beach getaway. Aisha could vividly remember how they were just staring at the sunset one minute and became an engaged couple the next minute.



Modern Filipiniana wedding where traditional met contemporary

For those who knew the couple, it did not come as a surprise that the theme of the big day was modern Filipiniana wedding with a twist. The couple, after all, was known to be vocal about their patriotism and their taste had always been timeless. The reception was held at Circa 1900, which featured a Spanish colonial architecture with guests served with premium Filipino-Spanish cuisine. The groom sported Barong Tagalog and the bride donned an off-the-shoulder lacy dress that was a reminiscent of the traditional Filipiniana attire.

modern filipiniana wedding

The Details

The bride’s femininity was evident in the details of the big day, from the shades of pink roses to the soft beige and floral print on the bridal party to the crystal accents on the table arrangement.


Looking ahead

” Love, This is it! I can still remember the time I handed your contract – and thought you were cute. Who would have thought you will become my husband!

I am proud of you – for who you are, and I will be just as proud for the man you will become. I thank you for always making things lighter for me, especially when I am worried or anxious.

I always pray that I may always be the best version of myself for you and our soon to be family – everyday.”


Photography: Brice Lagahid
Videography : Glen Ducante Wedding Films
Hair and Make-Up : Liz Cinco
Flowers and Styling : Joyful Weddings
Invitation : Krafty + Kaeratana
Bridal Gown : Valerie Alv

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