Andrea’s Floral Basket: Telling Love Stories Through Striking Floral Styling

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Flowers may wilt, but the memories they make are forever.

A blushing bride walks down the aisle with the most breathtaking blooms in hand. The cornucopia of colors makes every face light up and photos much brighter. Indeed, flowers help tell the story of love and beauty.

This is the picture that CEO Andrea Mae Tan-Muñoz try to paint at every wedding she and her team supply and style. We’re delving into Leyte-based but nationally recognized Andrea’s Floral Basket’s flourishing business and how they are taking wedding styling to the next level.

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From a Budding Lover of Arts and Crafts…

Andrea’s love for arts and crafts and inspiration from her mom bloomed into a money-making machine. But it did not happen overnight. In the 90s, her mom started a shop selling fresh and homemade dried flowers. Her moms’ magic rubbed off on a crafty young Andrea and being in the same business slowly became her dream.

Initially, Andrea pursued a nursing career. But her urge to create had led her to another path. As fate would have it, this arts and crafts aficionado transitioned into a full-blown artrepreneur. In 2010, she started selling fresh and dried flowers. Despite a lack of portfolio and with very little capital at the time, she suddenly found herself drawing in clients who were wedding stylists. Her clients’ trust in her raw talent resulted in booked calendars in the years to come.

wedding florist philippines
Andrea Mae Tan-Muñoz

More than just a business, Andrea’s Floral Basket has become project fueled with passion, which has continuously delivered scintillating results.

Today, Andrea has a decade of serving the Eastern Visayas region under her belt. She has worked for countless satisfied clientele, including affluent names such as Congressman Carl Nicolas Cari and wife NMYL executive director Christine Escober, among many other elite personalities. Slowly, she has also been making waves in the national scene that it is quite an understatement to say she is among the best in the biz.

From one dream to another, Andrea now helps brides and grooms realize their own dream weddings through her distinctive styling.

“In this world of convention and contemporary, I am the one who can make your events stand out.” – Andrea Mae Tan-Muñoz, Owner of Andrea’s Floral Basket

To A Stylist-Slash-Planner in Full Bloom

This multifaceted girl boss has evolved from flower-selling into being a well-rounded stylist and event planner, bringing her desire to harmonize the wedding theme to the overall look. According to Andrea, “There are so many pieces to the puzzle that needed to fit perfectly to pull off a seamless celebration.” Thus the fusion of these two essential roles. 

With the pandemic creating a colossal effect on the event industry, the business has no plans of throwing in the towel. Andrea’s Floral Basket has reopened its branches in Ormoc City and is, in fact, launching a branch in Tacloban and Naval Biliran Island.

Thanks to her hard work and dedication, Andrea has established a throne in the industry—all shiny and ever blossoming. Despite the success, she stays grounded and remains grateful for the support she’s getting from her family and friends, the undying patronage of clients, the consistency of her team and staff, and the brand alliances she has with reliable suppliers in the industry. Now if that isn’t the recipe for success, we don’t know what is!

Floral Visionary

Minimalist or grand, budget or luxury, fairytale or rustic, Andrea and her team can create an unforgettable setting through breathtaking ceiling works, inverted gardens, glitz dance floors, pool staging, and even the use of unconventional materials. As this wedding stylist puts it, “Name it. We can do it.” Rightfully so, she has become a household name in the region after being featured multiple times for her forte.

A simple scroll through her business’ social media pages would tell you that their service and custom creations are anything but typical. No one can deny the creative artistry of this Leyte floral shop team as they turn their clients’ Pinterest boards into reality.

wedding styling philippines
Andrea's Floral Basket
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On the Creative Process

As the mastermind behind a myriad of weddings, Andrea takes inspiration from happy clients and their stories to come up with a successful and beautiful event that touches people’s lives. She considers it an exciting challenge to conceptualize new ideas. Even with limited resources, Andrea and her team have a knack for making things work. “Regardless of the circumstances, we still try to make do of what’s available and create something different for every client,” she reveals. From out-of-the-box ideas to pioneering concepts, you can trust her touch to bring magic to an already special occasion.

On Supplier-Client Collaboration

“We lead, they follow.” As a joint effort of the client and the stylist/planner, clients who do not know what they want can be more difficult. On the other hand, suppliers like Andrea’s Floral Basket see this as an opportunity to showcase their talent instead of copy-and-pasting another’s ideas. “In this world of convention and contemporary, I am the one who can make your events stand out,” Andrea expresses.

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On Outdoor Weddings

Mother Nature rules all, and rain is always a possibility. For our featured stylist, tents are a flexible option for casual and formal events. However, if you want to stay true to the outdoor and roofless vibe, go for it, rain or shine (or plan ahead and have it during the summer!)

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On Destination Weddings

Take it from a pro: there is no other option than to hire a pro. Planning your big day on unfamiliar grounds is pretty tricky. Flying the whole entourage and guest list to another territory, handling local marriage requirements and possible flight delays are just some of the things to consider. So, if you are really set out for a jet-set wedding, you need a reputable professional you can trust!

Blossoming Romance

From the bridal bouquet, church aisle arrangement, bridesmaid’s corsages, flower girl’s basket, groomsmen’s boutonnieres, table centerpieces, down to the petals flung to the newlyweds, there’s a whole checklist for flowers alone!

There’s not a shadow of a doubt that flowers and styling are a big deal at weddings to set the mood and to make every captured moment even more worthwhile. Hence, it is understandable if this is a non-negotiable in your list of suppliers. Go ahead and put a fraction of your budget on stylists, florists, and planners who can make magic happen for you.

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Wedding planning may not be a bed of roses all the time, but florists make sure your day is fully decked out. Behind every backdrop, bouquet, and all that jazz are suppliers who hustle to make your big day memorable. In the own words of our Leyte-based floral connoisseur, Trust the experts. Wedding suppliers know what they are doing.”

Ready to tell your love story through floral styling? You can get in touch with Andrea’s Floral Basket for your big day:

Instagram | @andreasfloralbasket
Facebook | Andrea’s Floral Basket

Photo credits: Andrea’s Floral Basket and corresponding photographers

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