Astrid and Paul’s Classic, Romantic Day

Do you believe in answered prayers? Our bride, hungover from her classic wedding, revealed to us how she got hers.

Astrid had always been wise beyond her years. She’s the kind of friend who would warn you about guys, and more often than not, she was always right. So when it came to her very own love life, she was cautious. She was patient. But above all, she was prayerful.

Planned Destiny

Astrid and Paul were introduced slash match-made by a common friend. They first met to hear mass together. As fate would have it, the meeting became the “sign.”

“I knew he was the one because I had prayed for a sign that the one would be someone I went to hear mass with,” Astrid recalled. “It had to be planned like we both decided to hear mass, not coincidental like if we were just both attending a baptism, wedding, funeral and just happened to be there.”

The Proposal

Paul was working abroad last year and when he came home for Christmas vacation, Astrid thought it was just to simply enjoy the holidays with the family. But then he took her to have dinner at Cowrie Cove at Shangri-La and after dessert, he went down on one knee!

classic wedding

The Classic Wedding Details

A woman with timeless taste, Astrid chose a classic, elegant, and romantic-themed wedding. The details boasted of peach and gold.

The bride sprinkled the day with some DIY with jars of Himalayan salt straight from Pakistan as gifts for principal sponsors and a set of peach pearl earrings and bracelet for bridesmaids.

It Takes Two to Tango

For the couple, the most unforgettable thing about planning the classic wedding was the dance rehearsals. “We hired a DI at the last minute and the dance practice was fun. Paul could never remember the sequences so it also got me frustrated,” Astrid shared in a jest. “We perfected our solo dance on our last practice, but come wedding he forgot most of the steps again.”

The wedding event itself brought so many other memorable moments. For the bride, it was the wait inside the bridal car, feeling excited and nervous at the same time before walking down the aisle. “Also Paul’s sexy dance! The MC made him do a sexy dance to get my garter. Paul said he at least got to live out his macho dancer fantasies! It was so unexpected of him because he’s really the shy conservative type,” gushed the bride.

So there, an event that was classic and elegant yet modern and fun!

Coordinator: Carlo Abaquita of Unique Weddings and Events
Stylist: Geoff Lagria
Photo: Alvin Asayas
Video: Benjie Sorreńo
Hair and Makeup: Keith Bacayo
Gown: Lord Maturan
Entourage: Something Borrowed, Something New for the ladies, Kolosas Boutique for the gentlemen
Hotel event coordinator: Raymart Revillas
Invitations: CDI designs

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