Carefree in Kalanggaman: Athena and Ray’s Island Prenup Shoot

The Philippines boasts of scenic locales perfect as backdrops for any momentous moment. It’s therefore no surprise that brides and grooms-to-be enjoy taking advantage of this feature. This is highly true for the nature-loving couple Raymund and Athena who decided that the stunning Kalanggaman Island in Palompon, Leyte, was the best setting for their island prenup shoot.

Intertwined from the start

Ray and Athena’s story dates back to 1991 when they went to the same school. However, it was only after high school that they truly got the chance to know more about each other, when they, unexpectedly, found themselves enrolling to the same university and taking up the same course. After hesitations and constantly worrying about breaking the friendship, the two took their relationship to the next level by the time they were in their third year of college.

Overcoming setbacks

The beginning of their relationship was, however, not as smooth as the powder-white shoreline of what would be the setting of their island prenup shoot. Adjustments had to be made in consideration with their families, who were supportive but also traditionally strict.

After college, adulthood hit them, and they found themselves working in separate cities. First, Athena moved to Cebu to take on a job, and Ray followed suit after five months of LDR. Then, Athena had to move again, this time to Manila for another opportunity. More than a year later, Ray packed his bags and moved to the capital city as well. But, it did not end there. Athena once again challenged herself and took a job in Singapore .

Time and time again, they were able to conquer the distance, staying committed to their relationship while working on growing to be better individuals.

It’s about time

After more than a decade of dating, with phases of LDR, Ray popped the question during what felt like an ordinary dinner for Athena. She, of course, said yes! And so, they set off into the sunset for an island prenup shoot.

The secluded island prenup shoot

“We are a couple who are always in awe of the beauty of nature. So, we decided to have our engagement shoot on an island called Kalanggaman, where the sand is powdery white, the water is crystal clear and its sandbar stretches all the way to the horizon,” Ray and Athena couple shared.

island prenup shoot


Romance under the stars

Chasing spectacular views in Kalanggaman Island does not end at dusk. Photographer Joey Reyna also got to capture the lovely couple beneath the beach night sky.

“The place is perfect for an overnight prenup shoot where you can simply enjoy the scenic view of the island. As the sun sets slowly in the west, we had fun setting up our own simple yet romantic little tent,” the couple said, recalling how it felt like a very special outdoor date night.

See more of this couple’s breathtaking island prenup shoot in this video by Perry Amoylen.

Groom: Raymund Rosalia
Bride: Athena Genabe
Photography: Joey Reyna
Videography: Perry Amoylen Films
Location: Kalanggaman Island, Palompon Leyte, Philippines

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