Not Your Usual Wedding: This Bride Shares Exactly How and Why She Did Not Overspend On Her Wedding

We often hear remarks on how expensive getting married these days have become. About how you need to save up for years just to achieve the wedding of your dreams. But the truth is, there really are ways to save on your big day. For our bride and guest author, making sure not to overspend on your wedding is about making bold decisions and thinking about the only things that matter—being wed to your soulmate, having fun, and not worrying about what others may think.

We had a little chat with Amena and learned a couple of juicy details behind her viral post!

She and Youssef are travel buddies and work colleagues. They work in Xtreme Cargo Logistics Corp., with Youssef being the branch manager in Davao and Amena as Accounts Manager. They said their vows in November 2019. Having their own wedding and events business, they have enough knowledge about the ins and outs of wedding planning. Amena generously shared helpful tips with other brides-to-be on her Facebook page, tips that you can implement even with zero events planning experience.

See her witty list below:

The Details

No Pre-nup shoot

  • 30k package, di bet hahaha travel photos and vlogs na lang (PHP 30,000.00 Package. Not our thing. We’ll have photos and vlogs from travels instead).

No Expensive Wedding Invites

  • 65php/invitation na ilabay or iiwan sa cabinet (PHP 65.00 per invitation, which will only be thrown away or gathering dust in the closet).

No Giveaways

  • 50php-100php per giveaways malaya ra ang succulents (PHP 50.00-100.00 per giveaway and succulents will wither anyway).

No Videography

  • 10k ma conscious ko naay ga video hahaha (PHP 10,000 for video coverage which I’ll only feel awkward around with).

Sponsored Coordination, Decors, and Flowers

  • by Love & Details

Zero-cost officiating

  • Free officiating Mayor / Pastor – Tito ko lang para libre (He’s my uncle so it’s free)

A Small Bridal Party, An Intimate Gathering

  • 2 Bridesmaids – rented their own dress, served as my yaya hahaha love em both. Wedding gown package 30k minimum. Daghan bridesmaids, daghan asikasuhon, di pa mag help sa wedding pweh hahaha (The more bridesmaids you have, the more people to think about; and it’s not even a guarantee that they’ll actually help on the big day).
  • 1 MOH (bought her own gown)
  • 2 Groomsmen, 1 Bestman –  wore their own matchy-matchy outfits
  • 2 Ninongs, 2 Ninangs (Principal Sponsors)
  • 60 guests (40 Family members and friends/ 20 driver, bodyguard, helpers and suppliers)
  • 2 Chill People/1 Couple

Bonus Tips On How Not To Overspend on Wedding


  • People will try to guilt-trip you for not inviting them and that’s okay. Isipin nyo na lang, lilipas din yan and real friends will never hate you for not inviting them. Yung iba nga naming friends nagpadala pa ng cash and gift (ganun dapat charest) hahaha. (Think of it this way, that ill-feeling from those people shall pass and your real friends will never hate you for not inviting them. We even had some friends who sent cash and gifts, which should be the case – kidding!)
  • Don’t announce your wedding para walang mag assume na invited sila hahaha invite nyo yung mga taong nanjan sa inyo BOTH. Huwag nyong isipin na “BAKA MAG TAMPO SI ANO”. Kasi it’s your day and event. (Don’t announce your wedding so no one will assume they are invited. Just invite those who are truly in your journey together as a couple. Don’t even think about whom you might upset. At the end of the day, it’s your day and event).
  • Nakakapagod mag entertain ng maraming bisita. Bawi kayo sa hindi na invite na close family and friends for sure ma-understand lang nila yan. (It’s too stressful to entertain a lot of guests on one occasion. Just make time for your close family and friends who were not invited, they will surely understand).


  • Wear something simple. Pero in my case, my dear friend made a super beautiful gown for me, and I did not spend that much on that!
  • My hubby reused and altered his old outfit. Don’t impress your guests too much that you spend unnecessary expenses.


  • Hire photographer friends, but don’t compromise their TF. Pay accordingly.
  • Choose a venue where you can ask for discounts or if possible, use your backyard or a friend’s farm. Lucky for me, the owner of Sitio Maupot is a very dear friend with a very kind heart.
  • Food is so important but it does not need to be expensive. We had:
    ✔️inubarang manok,
    ✔️kilawing kambing
    All these are our fave Ilonggo dishes cooked and prepped by my Daddy.
  • Don’t forget to have fun!!! Fewer guests, more fun!! Layuan nyo ang venue para d sila umuwi hahaha (Choose a venue that’s quite far so guests can’t leave anytime they please).
  • Choose the best wedding coordinator or organizer. We had the best!! Love and Details made us the most stress-free couple!

Final Words

We did not expect to receive such a wonderful response. Please do not get offended if you spent much on your wedding or about to get married in a bonggang manner ha, this is just our two cents and the money we saved was spent for our honeymoon in Thailand. The people who cared and love us really extended their help financially, sa letchon, flowers, decor.. coz we told them that WE JUST WANT TO GET MARRIED AND HAVE FUN PERIOD.

Bride: Amena Dawn Piñol-Sandalo
Groom: Youssef Baydr Sandalo
Photographer: Earlybirds Production
Coordinator: Love & Details
Gown: Niño Malaluan
Venue: Sitio Maupot

More about Amena Dawn Piñol-Sandalo

Amena Dawn Piñol-Sandalo loves traveling with her husband, Youssef. The beach is often their go-to, along with family and friends. All of their wedding suppliers were dear friends since they also own a wedding and events biz.

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  1. Jah

    Shiempre mka save jud ka kai most of your gasto kay naa mai ni sponsor specially sa mga gown nya sa pastor pa nga imohang tito. Kami tawn nga walay connections og di dato ang mga friends awwwh sa huwis nalang mi at least. But thank you sa tips. Congrats Amena!😍


    1. Quinn B. Pantinople

      Hi Jah! Thanks for dropping by 🙂 Yes, you do have a good point, it really helps to have connections. Hopefully, every bride still gets to have her dream wedding, however way she sees it. <3


  2. Yuliya

    Thank you for this post. Its very inspiring.


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