Bridesmaid Pre-Ceremony Looks Your Squad Will Love

Happy girls are the prettiest indeed and this is especially noticeable during the hours before a wedding when the bride’s closest girls gather to not only do bridesmaid duties but to celebrate a dear friend or sister. Between perfecting a brow and sporting the best beach wave, moments of inside jokes and nostalgia that show genuine happiness are always worth capturing. So before your ladies slip into their gorgeous dresses, make sure they are photo-perfect for the bridesmaid pre-ceremony shoot.

From girly to classy, we’ve gathered a list of comfy yet chic looks that you can steal!

Bring out the boyfriend polo and buttoned-down shirt

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Have you ever opened your closet and groaned at the sight of not having anything to wear (even if you actually do have countless pieces)? I think most girls had. An old trick from the book, to add more variation to your wardrobe, is borrowing something from your man. Make this an inspiration to have that laid-back yet sexy morning look for you and your tribe. The buttoned-down and oversized features make it easy to move around and accomplish some last-minute tasks.

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Bridesmaid pre-ceremony robes or nightgowns

Silk robes by La Sposa Bridal Robes and Wedding Accessories
La Sposa Bridal Robes and Wedding Accessories also has floral prints

This one is a no-fail. Even on regular days, a lot of women find it convenient to get ready in soft, cozy robes or nightgowns. It remains to be a timeless wardrobe piece that offers practical comfort for being uncomplicated to put on and take off. Silky and lacey robes with personalized embroidered names, like what La Sposa Bridal Robes offers, have been in trend—and it looks like it’s here for the long haul! Choose something that would set the tone of your overall wedding theme by adding hints through the print or color.

Fun in pink with La Sposa Bridal Robes
Robes with customized embroidered names from La Sposa

Fun in floral and patterns

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When it comes to celebrations, you can never go wrong with floral, or any patterns for that matter. Although Spring may not be your theme, flowers and other patterns always add character to any aesthetics, whether it’s a dress, flowy top, long skirt, or even jumpsuits! Do note though that the different colors and execution of the patterns may bring chaos collectively. So, make sure you decide on something that would still make it seamless, like sticking to a certain color palette, a cut of the dress, or a fabric.

Effortless in all-white

via Air Balloon Project

If you want something you can breezily pull off while still depicting clean uniformity, go for white. Any girl could just quickly grab a white top from her closet. Have it paired with something that’s also as common as denim shorts, and voila! You have your casual yet classy ensemble. Stand out as a bride by opting for a white dress while the rest are in denim.

Put on some PJs

Pajama set by La Sposa Bridal Robes and Wedding Accessories

That’s right. Most pre-wedding ceremony shoots are done in the bedroom, where the make-up preps are done. So it would look natural if you and your girls will don something that’s bedroom-themed. Nothing speaks of fun more than a bunch of girls in a pair of silk pajamas (pillow fight, anyone?). Instead of long pajama pants, make the girls more comfortable by getting a set with shorts, like something you can pick from the La Sposa Bridal Robes collection.

Personality on personalized shirts

And, finally, add personality to your bridesmaid pre-ceremony look with customized print. Be warned though that when it comes to printed customizing, there’s a thin line between quirky and tacky. Avoid the latter by limiting the text of your print and making sure the text color complements the hue of the cloth. If you want to skip the “bride crew” label and other tired cliches, opt for some fun adjectives or incorporate more creative ways to bring out each girl’s personality.

Quick tip: Whichever look you’re going for, always keep in mind that it should be something that’s easy to take off so as not to ruin hair and make-up. Think of garter, stretchy fabric, buttons, and robes.

What about you? What bridesmaid pre-ceremony look did you go for or planning to execute? Tell us!

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