Chriszel and Billy’s Destined Tagaytay Wedding

What girl wouldn’t dream of saying “I do” in Tagaytay City, Philippines? Picturesque scenery. Stunning sunsets. Cool climate. Quaint old churches. All just a short drive away from Manila. This city ticks off all the right boxes. Tagaytay was the original, and remains to be, the prime definition of a Philippine destination wedding. A Tagaytay wedding is to a Filipina bride what a princess castle is to a little girl.

Our featured bride, Chriszel Fermilan, didn’t just dream of a Tagaytay wedding. She was destined for it.

First, she was introduced to her soul mate, Billy Pimentel, on a family occasion held in Tagaytay City. She learned later, after several rounds of SMS exchanges, that Billy was actually the friend her uncle wanted to set her up with, two years earlier. At that time, she wasn’t interested in meeting anyone, and she had refused. Chriszel now believes fate intervened to make sure that she met her “answered prayer” at the right time, when they were both ready to open their hearts, and, in the most perfect of places – The Tagaytay Highlands.

The country’s Alternative Summer Capital became even more meaningful for the couple, when, on another family gathering there, they formally got engaged. Billy popped the question in one of the city’s majestic churches.

Thus, they didn’t have to think much about where to hold the ceremony. Destiny already chose for them.  And, they weren’t about to argue with fate.

Billy and Chriszel’s pre-ceremony photo shoot shows off Tagaytay in all its glory. Amidst a sweeping panorama of the great outdoors, or with the famed Taal Volcano in the background, the couple pays tribute to the city that bore witness to most of their major milestones.

However, the choice of wedding location complicated the preparations because the bride actually lives in Cebu City, hundreds of kilometers away from her planned Tagaytay wedding. Logistics demanded that they hire wedding suppliers from Tagaytay, and most of the planning transactions had to be done online.

Still, pure determination and seamless teamwork resulted in a successful event with no major mishaps.


The couple’s engagement shoot reflected their wedding celebration. It was simple, intimate and elegant – a perfect match for the city’s naturally rustic and laid-back charm.


The wedding is mostly a blur to the dazed bride. What she remembers most clearly though is the pride and happiness in the eyes of all their relatives and friends who witnessed the couple’s love story come full circle against the backdrop of a world-class Tagaytay sunset.

Bride: Chriszel Fermilan-Pimentel
Groom: Billy Pimentel
Photography, Videography: KEMS Photography/Karlo Matuguinas
HMUA: Heart Abad Zafra
Venue: Casa de Corazon Events Place -Tagaytay
Caterer: L&J Catering – Tagaytay
Florist: Edgar Erni
OTD Event Coordinators: EventsByRachelle
Bridal Gown: Angela Dado
Invitation Cards/Thank you Cards: Rex Rubens of Craf Graphic Designs
Entourage HMUA: Judith
Entourage Gown: Camilla Chan
Preparation: Escala Tagaytay
Prenup Photography: Karlo Matuguinas
Prenup HMUA: Joshua Bacolod
Prenup Styling and Coordination: The Centerpiece Roderick Bautista Eddie Jammin and Hans Berdejo


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