Diza and Gil’s Unconventional Bridal Car

It’s always heartwarming to hear love stories straight from the couples themselves. And for some reason, it’s doubly romantic when it’s told through the man’s point of view.

This one is one of those.

Gil met Diza through a common friend. She was in high school, he in college. In his own words, “We met and fell in love in 2004.” Two years later, they were blessed with a baby boy and six years after, he proposed in a restaurant in front of their friends and she said yes!

The unconventional bridal car

Gil, being a graphic designer, was a hands-on groom. Each detail of the special day resonated with the nature-inspired theme. But the one thing that really popped out in their wedding was their 100% unique bridal car. How they ended up with such indigenous work of art was an adorable story in itself.

They knew they did not want their first ride together as mr. and mrs. to be on an average vehicle. Time was running out though, but just as Gil was about to reconsider, this tricycle elaborately adorned with abaca materials passed in front of him during a trip in the province. He knew right away that it was not only exactly what they needed but also something Diza would surely love to have. But having only a glimpse of it and not exactly knowing who to approach, it turned out to be a difficult mission, a mission Gil was determined to conquer for his future wife.

unconventional bridal car  

All worth it

Days of research and literally knocking from one door to another finally led Gil to find the owner. It took a while to convince the owner to agree since it was really just for personal use, but thankfully he did.

Came wedding day, they realized three-wheeled vehicles might not be allowed on the highway. Still, they took the risk and as a final touch to the universe’s way of blessing their union, everyone along the way—road rangers included—expressed well wishes to Gil and Diza as they ride on their one of a kind bridal car heading for the rest of their lives together.

Photography: Remmus Nicolas Bethere

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