Elegance with a Touch of Star Wars for Phoebe and Ronald’s Day

They say that traveling brings out the best and worst of a person. For our featured couple, while this statement might hold true, what mattered was the strong foundation built between them through traveling, with one fateful trip leading to an elegant wedding and eventually to the rest of their lives.

For Phoebe and Ronald, it all started in med school. Here, their love story is heartwarmingly told in a jest as we were lucky enough to get both the bride and groom’s versions.

He was the “kuya”. She was the seemingly lost girl.

How did you meet?

She: We were groupmates and after the group got to know each other more, I started calling him “Kuya Ron” and so did everyone. He was always missing in our group outings so we didn’t really hang out a lot, not until we started going out with most of our friends in Level 2.

He: We met a long long time ago in a galaxy far far away, on the 5th floor lobby. My first impression was “this girl is weird”, she was wearing a leopard-print pants, a purple shirt, a huge pair of dangling earrings. I was thinking maybe she was lost. We didn’t start a conversation because I was afraid she might put a spell on me, maybe she actually did. On the first day of class, we were groupmates and the rest is history.


It’s not where you travel, it’s who you travel with.

What are your memorable moments?

She: When we travel together, we find each other’s company comfortable. We adjust for each other and just try to give and take. Seoul, Korea still ranks the best travel ever. It was our first out-of-the-country and though I meticulously arranged everything, I’ve learned that there are things that I just have to let go, for example, losing one whole day because we got lost. Traveling together taught us to understand each other better.

He: Everyday with her is memorable.

The Japan-Planned Proposal

How did he propose?

She: We were in Japan to watch the Coldplay concert. He proposed at Sensoji Temple in Tokyo with the help of our closest friends. While we were doing some photoshoot, he suddenly popped the question. I thought the ring was just part of the photoshoot or probably it didn’t occur to me that he was gonna propose anytime soon. It took me a while to grasp what was happening but in the end, it was one unforgettable trip indeed!

He: I bought the ring before we went to Japan and planned out everything. We were supposed to wear traditional Japanese costumes but she decided at the very last minute that she didn’t want to wear one. So I still decided to push through with the proposal without the costume. I knelt down and popped the question. The funny thing was that she thought the ring was part of our props for the photoshoot and for about 5 minutes, she didn’t react and I felt she might say no but she said “YES!!!!” Yaaay!

elegant wedding

An elegant wedding with a touch of Star Wars

The wedding planning was not as smooth sailing as the proposal. The couple had to juggle between wedding planning, working different jobs, residency training, and teaching med school. But just like all the other hiccups they’ve had in their years together, everything fell into place.


Phoebe wanted a classy, elegant pink and purple wedding and that was all Ronald was expecting. But the bride had a covert plan to catch the groom off guard by bringing in a surprise—live-action Darth Vader and Stormtroopers!

Watch the video for the cameos!

The venue for the elegant wedding emanated opulence, the guest list was long (she had 15 bridesmaids on top of the maid of honor!), and the event was evidently grandiose. But it was clear to Phoebe and Ronald that it was being surrounded by loved ones and pronouncing their vows to each other that made their special day more memorable than planned. 

Photo: Robo Formacion Photography
Video: Red Media Studio
Make-up: Wenwen Zaspa
Wedding Planner: Tonette M. Carcel-Senerpida
Gown: Michael Leyva
Stylist: Agel Tio-Go
Lights and Sounds: Allan Raymundo
Invitation: CRAF Graphic Designs
Cake: Cakes and Memories
Host: Jude Bacalso

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