Gemstone Engagement Rings and Why They Are The New Diamond

Kate Middleton. Victoria Beckham. Jackie Kennedy Onassis. Aside from being style icons, what’s another thing that they share in common? If you guessed colored gemstone engagement rings, then you’re an absolute gem! While classic diamonds have always been a jewelry staple, every now and then, colored gems emerge dramatically. And with its fun shades and versatile shapes, it’s no surprise that they’re making such a sparkling statement as engagement rings.

Here we give you a rundown of the reasons why colored gemstones could be an excellent alternative to the diamond when popping the question or when choosing that one special ring together. For this, we consulted expert designer Yani E, who relishes in being close to nature’s most wonderful creation—gemstones—being the founder of Sola Jewelry, a locally made brand that specializes in fine jewelry using precious gems, semi-precious gems as well as precious metal

They make a personal statement

Because gemstones can be associated with birthstones, it’s easy to identify which one to get if you want to base it on the birth month. Amethyst. Topaz. Emerald. You’ve got twelve choices at least. But you’re definitely not restricted to align it with your designated birthstone. Its wide array of colors gives you an opportunity to play around. Will it be something that screams of your bold ruby spirit or perhaps your dainty tourmaline personality?

For Yani E, her business started out as a passion project two years ago because, “I wanted to create a jewelry line that uses gemstones and where I can freely express my ideas,” she revealed.

Always ask if there’s an option to customize. For instance, Sola Jewelry can create designs and make pieces according to client preference, from gemstone options, ring size and choice of material.
“Our jewelry can be set in sterling silver with your choice of plating, such as the yellow gold or white gold. You also have the option to set them in 14k and 18k gold material.” – Yani E.

That sense of uniqueness

Line up twenty engaged ladies and see how many of them are sporting diamond rings. Having a colored gemstone engagement ring will effortlessly set you apart from the majority as they are not as conventional as diamonds. While in nature, diamonds are rare, in the gem world, there are actually much rarer pieces than diamonds, which mostly include colored rocks.

Gemstone engagement rings never go out of style

Diamonds are timeless, no doubt about it. But just as true is the surging popularity of gemstone engagement rings, thanks to the Duchess of Cambridge. But even pre-social media age, colored rings of brides-to-be had been show-stoppers. In fact, Kate’s ring was originally Princess Diana’s. Whether it’s genuine vintage or simply-vintage inspired, rocking a colored rock means investing in a classic piece.

Time-tested durability

When it comes to putting a ring on it, you’d want something that can be worn every day. This not only refers to how it should match any outfit but also how it could endure daily rigorous activities. Choose the right stone and you’ll have a lifetime guarantee of durability. Rubies and sapphires are the most popular choices but other stunning gems known for toughness include topaz, emeralds, tanzanite, quartz, aquamarine, amethyst, and tourmaline.

Emerald + White Topaz Ring
gemstone engagement rings
Cushion Cut Ruby in a classic halo setting
gemstone engagement rings
Blue Sapphire in a Classic Halo Setting

More affordable vs. diamond

Just like diamonds, the cost of a gemstone depends on its quality and size. But gemstones cost less per carat than diamonds, which means you will be able to get a much larger ring for your budget. “It’s possible to own a high-quality jewelry piece without going overboard. That’s the goal of  Sola Jewelry, we offer fun fashion pieces that are elegant. And because it’s set in sterling silver, it’s much more affordable. But you can always customize if you want gold or silver or if you have a design inspo,” shares Yani E.

Celebrities and their gemstone engagement rings

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