How To Pull Off An Intimate Wedding During Covid-19

intimate wedding

With the current global pandemic, we are all forced to adjust to a new norm and the wedding industry is perhaps one of the most affected by it. Even as our country lifts the community quarantine, we are still expected to follow a number of rules for our own good. The foreseeable future dictates no big gatherings allowed, traveling being limited, and being tight on cash flow. Many couples are already calling off their wedding bookings, but if you are one of those who still want to push through, an intimate wedding might just be the answer.

In fact, it could be the next big trend in the wedding scene. Here’s how you can pull one off stylishly:

1. Consider Having a Civil Wedding.

A civil wedding would mean skipping the church and having the legal ceremony in your choice of venue. After acquiring all the documents needed to obtain a marriage license, the only other things you need for a civil wedding are two witnesses and the officiant. The officiant may be a judge within his court’s jurisdiction or a mayor within his territorial jurisdiction.

While Catholic Church weddings are required to be held in a church, other religious sectors can have the ceremony in other places other than their church. Thus, a rabbi, priest, or minister authorized by his church and registered with the local civil registrar can also officiate a civil wedding.

If you’re looking into a church wedding, remember that churches are now implementing strict guidelines. The Archdiocese of Manila has announced that for the remainder of the year, only simple weddings with just the bride and the groom and one set of sponsors and the immediate family are allowed. That means no bridesmaids and the rest of the bridal party that we’re so used to.

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2. Narrow Down Your Wedding List. Big Time.

It’s absolutely not the time for a big gathering or any gathering for that matter. So keep your guest list strictly family-only. In fact, as mentioned above, you only actually need two other people to make your union legal. Perhaps the photographer can be one of the witnesses?

Under Modified ECQ, only gatherings of up to five people are allowed, while gatherings of up to ten people are allowed under GCQ. We don’t know what rules we need to follow in the months ahead, but always keep in mind that health protocols should always be observed.

3. Find a Location and Set the Mood for Your Intimate Wedding.

Having a dreamy wedding is not impossible just because you’re keeping it down low. Still consult the professionals to help you materialize an aesthetically unforgettable event. Tap those who have a few intimate weddings styled under their belts. It’s also a good time to support wedding vendors.

A small space in your yard would be perfect since it’s much safer to gather outdoor. If not doable, a comfortable spot inside the house can be transformed with lights and flowers. Take note, you don’t need a lot of space!

Should you be given more flexibility in the coming months, a quiet beach or the secluded mountains can serve as the picturesque locale of what could be your elopement.

4. Get Creative with the Details.

From location to mementos, a simple, intimate wedding is a great outlet to be creative.  If you really want to save more, channel your inner artist and start on some DIY for the decors. You won’t be needing a lot of it anyway.

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Make your own name cards and prepare a special plating for the after-ceremony lunch or dinner featuring the simple cake you ordered. Print at least one “invitation” and just play around with the words to remind you of this significant event. Or make your own bouquet and boutonnière.

Having delightful details can make a whole lot of difference in the entire experience.

5. Make It Memorable and Understand What Matters.

It’s quite moving to see couples tying the knot in simple ceremonies these days. Ask them why go through it and they’ll tell you it’s simply because they want to celebrate their love and that’s what truly matters.

Slip into your stunning dress, put on some make-up, do your hair, and get ready to walk down your pretend-aisle—even if it only means four steps. While you’re at it, play that romantic music that makes you tear up. If you are unable to say your own vows, you have more flexibility to do this during the after-ceremony. As well, don’t skip on speeches, still, ask someone close to make a toast.

There are a lot of things you cannot control at the moment, but you’re still in charge of making your big day memorable. So go ahead, no one is stopping you from enjoying it! But seriously,  just don’t break any rules and make sure to keep every single person in the event safe.

And oh, don’t forget to have lots of good captures of that one moment. Not everyone in your generation could have that. Imagine, a wedding amid a pandemic? Your grandkids would surely love to see photos of that!

Note: This article was written during the early stages of the 2020 pandemic, global and nationwide rules and regulations may have changed since then.

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