Jabix and JP’s Timeless Romantic Wedding

timeless romantic wedding

They say love is sweeter the second time around. But for lovers Jollibee Ann or “Jabix” and John or “JP”, love is sweeter even when time and life get in the way, over and over, every roundabout, every corner. Here they share their beautiful love story that stood the test of time that paved the way to their timeless romantic wedding.


Jollibee Ann and John were high school sweethearts. They were each other’s ideal type, and after almost 4 years of on and off courtship, Jollibee Ann finally said yes to be John’s girlfriend.

Like most adolescent love stories, theirs was plagued with challenges of immaturity and opposing family members. So, after 8 months of being in a relationship, Jollibee Ann had to break up with John.

For her, it was the most painful thing she had to endure at a young age, and considered John as The One That Got Away (TOTGA). For him, it was soul-crushing and he felt like life was bleak so his studies and personal relationships suffered.

Years went on and the two lovebirds had to live separate lives. As excruciating as the breakup was, they had to go on with life knowing that they were each other’s soulmate.

Their paths would cross time and time again but they’d always be unavailable for each other. When life would permit them to meet, John would have a girlfriend or Jollibee Ann would be involved with another man. Hence, they decided to continue being friends and honour their individual relationships.

But in 2014, when Jollibee Ann was suffering from a terrible breakup, John swooped in and offered her a shoulder to cry on. John was Jollibee Ann’s confidante and he helped her heal from the agony of lost love. It was not long when they realized that no matter how they’ve come, and how difficult life gets, they’ll always have each other. The One for Me (TOFM)these are the words that would overwhelmJollibee Ann every time she looks at John.

The Illness that made them stronger

After years of dating, Jollibee Ann had to endure another heartache. Her beloved father was terminally ill. John became her strength and inspiration to keep going. And John, knowing full well that Jollibee Ann was the one for him, asked her father’s blessing to marry Jollibee Ann.

Jollibee Ann’s dad did not hesitate and welcomed John to their family with open arms.

Unfortunately, 6 weeks before Jollibee Ann and John could tie the knot, her father passed on. It was Jollibee Ann’s dad’s dying wish that they continue the wedding celebration and not listen to what others would say. He promised he would be there, a proud father who raised a glorious and loving daughter.

The Timeless Romantic Wedding

Empowered by her father’s strength and grace as took on his illness, the bride decided to push through with the wedding.

Jollibee Ann and John chose Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral to be the venue where they would seal their love forever. In front of Christ and their well-wishing families, Jollibee Ann and John exchanged their vows on 27th August 2019.

It was the most perfect day for the couple and even as the ceremony was unfolding, Jollibee Ann, looking like a fairytale princess in her tiara and bridal ball gown, would ask John to pinch her to make sure it wasn’t a dream and so she could bask in the truth and happiness brought by their wedding.

The reception followed the wedding ceremony at Mandarin Plaza Hotel where their family and friends dined and celebrated the love that they share. A special tribute to Jollibee Ann’s dad filled the venue with affection and happiness as everyone in the venue knew he was happy to see his little girl marry the one for her.

For the happily married couple, love didn’t come easy. It took twists and turns, heartbreak after heartbreak, but in the end… what was meant to be had to be.

Thinking that they were each other’s TOTGA, now they are enjoying being each other’s TOFM.

Bride: Jollibee Ann F. Ponteres-Tanseco
Groom: John Phil C. Tanseco
Wedding Date: Aug. 27, 2019
Coordination: Spectacular Wedding and Events by Xian Repunte
Photos and Videos: Cesar Ledesma – Stills & Motions
Makeup by: Josh Villamor
Reception: Mandarin Plaza Hotel

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