Jerryl and Marc’s Classic Garden Wedding Amid a Storm

“There’s no super typhoon that can stop me from marrying you,” read the letter that our groom, Marc, wrote for his bride, Jerryl. It was indeed a fitting line as the couple prepped up in the morning of their big day in a luxuriously secluded haven somewhere in the mountaintops of Cebu, complete with a breathtaking view of the city—heavy rain and all. Cebu was one of the areas that experienced the angst of Typhoon Ompong in September. But despite the threatening wind and storm that lasted for days, the sky finally cleared moments before Jerryl and Marc’s beautiful, classic garden wedding.

Fated strangers

The couple came home to the country all the way from Chicago, where they are now both based. They met at a bar in Cebu the day before Sinulog 2012. “The moment I met him, it felt like I’ve known him for a lifetime,” Jerryl revealed.

“There’s no super typhoon that can stop me from marrying you.”


From LDR to the aisle

More than a year after their first meeting, they became official. But with Marc already working in the States, LDR was one of the things they had to deal with. “We were in a long distance relationship which was really hard, but love conquers all,” says Jerryl.

Things were about to change when Marc came back to the Philippines for a 3-week vacation. The lovebirds were just casually watching TV in their hotel room when, out of the blue, Marc popped the question!

The stunning details

For the bride, a classic wedding was what she always wanted. Nude and purple complemented well with each other especially against the backdrop of the raw outdoors.


But it did not come without challenges. The wedding planning had to be done while both Jerryl and Marc were in Chicago. “It was hard to plan a wedding when you can’t be physically present in that place,” the bride recalled.


Dream garden wedding

The week of the wedding was suspenseful in itself, with Typhoon Ompong set to make landfall. This was doubly worrying since it was a garden wedding they were planning. Plus, they had relatives from other countries and Manila-based suppliers who had to travel to Cebu just for the big day.

“We even came to the point of considering moving our wedding date the next day after the typhoon landed,” the couple revealed. Needless to say, you can imagine just how stressful and emotional it must have been for everyone involved, especially the young couple.

The rain was still pouring literally hours before the ceremony. “We were praying for a miracle and yes the miracle happened! The rain stopped and the sun came out,” shared Jerryl. The turn of events was one of the things they would always remember and treasure. “It was a very emotional day for us and for me, that’s so unforgettable. ”

garden wedding


Elegant post-ceremony

Jerryl and Marc got the beautiful garden wedding they deserved and they capped it off with an elegant post-ceremony celebration. The entire day didn’t have any trace of the emotional roller coaster brought about by the storm. All smiles and filled with love, the breathtaking photos of earth-toned hues and nature-filled elements, through the lens of Oly Ruiz of Metrophoto, prove it.

Jason Magbuano captures more of this heartwarming union

Bride: Jerryl Anne Acla-Hisoler
Groom: Marc Eduard Hisoler
Photo: Oly Ruiz of Metrophoto
Video: Jason Magbanua
Wedding Coordinator: Joan Pearl Lapus of Belle Mariee Wedding Events
Make up: Janice thebeautyfairy
Wedding Gown: Veejay Floresca
Grooms Bespoke Suit: Veejay Floresca
Flowers and Styling: Debbie Huang of Simple Wishes Events

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