Drunk in Love: Jill and AR’s Virally Unique Wedding

In a sea of template weddings, it’s always refreshing to come across unconventional and interestingly thought-out ones that spark your curiosity. How did they come up with such an idea and why did I not think of that? How do I become friends with this obviously fun couple? Or wait, are they also this fun in real life? These are definitely just a few of our questions when we first saw Jill and AR’s wedding photos! Before it became viral, the laid-back, blue-hued celebration had already caught our eyes. And luckily, the couple was down to give us not only how they ended up with a unique wedding, but also the booze and bits that led to their “I do”.

All great stories started with alcohol

Looking at their photos, you might already have an idea of how these two met. AR shared that it was through a common friend during an inuman session. He added, “Kabataan days!” He quipped that he does not believe it was love at first sight. But it was more of “Shot at second sight.”

Jill was more candid in sharing that theirs is the kind of relationship that started out as a friendship. But when they finally dated, she just knew.

“I met him when I was only sixteen through a common friend,” she recalled. They were part of a big friend group but they were hardly close. Three years ago, she came home to the Philippines from Vietnam for a vacation, she was able to get together with this group again. Incidentally, AR was going through something and Jill was one of the persons that were there for him.

Bring out the fireworks

AR proposed during New Year 2018 in Hanoi, Vietnam, where they are now both based in. “Ang hirap lumuhod kasi sobrang daming tao dun sa street party at nag-cecelebrate. Mas kinilig pa yung mag-bf na kasama namin kaysa sa binigyan ko ng singsing,” he fondly shared. (It was a challenge to be down on my knee as the street was crowded with people celebrating. I think the couple we were with was giddier watching the proposal than my soon-to-be-bride.)

The couple had their civil wedding in 2018 and came home this year to have a Christian wedding ceremony.

Naturally unique wedding

unique wedding

You can tell, just by looking at the pictures, that the unique wedding Jill and AR had was filled with joy and laughter as if a reflection of their personalities. It came naturally then that they both simply want to capture the unadulterated reactions and expressions of the people in the gathering, who were evidently enjoying themselves. It was after all a reunion of both families and friends. While it may look like a big get-together, for them, it still felt intimate because they were surrounded by people whom they have personal relationships with.


“Gusto din namin na walang dull moments and masaya lang ang lahat,” the bride said. (We didn’t want a single dull moment, we just want everyone to have a good time.) They made a note with the photographers that they did not want serious photos. Fortunately, Visuals by Alaz, the team they booked, was able to bring their vision into a reality.

The eye-candy details

Perhaps the most striking element in this wedding is this stunning unorthodox bridal dress with bold blue touches. It was custom made in Vietnam.

While Jill would have wanted to do some DIY, it was not doable with their busy schedule abroad while taking care of their adorable daughter, Raffa. However, they were hands-on when it came to the wording in their invitation and the program flow. Like most couples, it was also the budgeting that they were keen about.

Gin instead of wine. This specific brand is known as “gin bilog” because for the bride and groom, “Bilog ang mundo, sabi nila about dun,” referring to how they met and ended up together.
A witty engravement on the rings: Game Over.
There’s no denying how chill this family is.

Lovely touches that remember a loved one.
An ode to where it all started?

The center of it all

While their quirky yet classy unique wedding had become a social media interest, Jill and AR remain grounded while reflecting on what truly made the occasion special. It was the support of their family and friends, the tears shed, but more notably, the laughter shared. It was Jill walking down the aisle with Raffa and AR watching his girls walking towards him.

 “Makita mo mapapangasawa mo at anak mo naglalakad sa aisle na hindi nag-ngangawa anak ko,” the groom said, but not without joking, “Marunong pala siya makisama kahit minsan!” (You could see the woman you’re going to marry and your daughter looking so well-behaved).

“Napaka-special na moment yun for me kasi nagpakasal kami ulit because we want the blessing of God in our marriage and I’m so happy that Raffa got to be a part of it,” Jill revealed. (It truly was a special moment for us because we decided to get married again because we want to have God’s blessing and we’re so happy that our daughter, Raffa, got to be a part of it.)

Bride: Jill Roxas-Lega
Groom: Allerie Lega
Photographer: Visuals by Alaz // Nazrene Gutierrez // Alec Karol // Jason // Sam // Jay
Hair and Make-up: Tayme Canencia
Officiant: Rev. Frank Villanueva
Venue: Hacienda Solange Private Events Place
Lights and Sounds: Jager Tagaytay Lights and Sounds
Florist: Estrella’s House of Flowers
Custom Bridal Earrings: Signetura Shop // Hannah Maye
Cake: Angelo’s Tagaytay Grazing Table // Angelo’s Sweet Tooth
Kakanin: Laarni Lopez Sales
Coordination: JD Tagaytay Wedding Coordinator // Rej Estrella// Ennayrrehc Tserian Pega Salamatin
Emcee: Barbie Xeng : Ang Manikang Makulit
Band: Acsions Band – Wedding Musicians
Invitation: ART by Paola Santiago Clarito // Printed by: Love, Camilla
Fishballs and Palamig: Shaira Denise Cortez and Trisha De Lara
Bridal Gown: Colorized Bridal (Vietnam based)
Hoop Bouquet: Rinnah Abarca-Alesna
Locket: Modern Myth

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