Kat Found the “Juan”: A Classic Romantic Wedding

classic romantic wedding

How do you know that he’s the “one”? For our bride, Katrina, all the signs led to finding Juan and their journey together led them to a classic romantic wedding everyone anticipated to happen. 

Katrina and Juan met at a young age. They were high school sweethearts. For all we know, it could have been love at first sight! For the couple, falling in love wasn’t just a moment, it was actually more of an emotion that grew over the years, leading to this blessed union. 

“The day we met, I knew that he’s the JUAN,” Kat lovingly told us. How many of us can actually say something as passionate as that? Meeting so young, Kat and Juan grew up together, supported each other, traveled together, and eventually thought of building a life together. 

We totally love meeting couples that have proven time and again that love is a choice. They apparently transitioned from being two impulsive teenagers in love to mature individuals not afraid of commitment. 

The Proposal

Over the years, Kat and Juan’s relationship grew and well, we can say that the rest is history perhaps. Except, that it isn’t! They keep their love alive and young by being each other’s greatest adventures. For the proposal, Juan couldn’t have chosen a better date.

“Juan proposed to me during my birthday and our 4th anniversary”, Kat excitingly shared. How romantic can you get?

The Theme

Fun and chill vibes were the only things that mattered to the couple. Kat and Juan trusted their stylist to give them exactly that, all throughout the engagement and wedding festivities. 

While some brides turn into horrendous bridezillas during preparation and especially on the wedding day, Kat was a cool bride. 

The wedding motif was red, the color of love and passion. Need we say more?

Wearing a long-sleeved gown with lace appliques, Kat looked lovely, elegant, and simply enchanting. Waiting at the altar was Juan, in his equally dapper gray suit. 

The Intricate Details

Kat and Juan were very hands-on with the preparation. They worked together in looking for probable suppliers. They made sure not to overthink everything and provided inputs on every detail before settling on an idea. That’s teamwork at its best!

“ It’s fulfilling to note that our wedding went smooth even without a wedding coordinator,” Kat revealed. 

For the couple, every moment was precious, but they find it amusingly memorable how they were able to pull off the prenup shoot just three days before their classic romantic wedding!

The Venue

The wedding was set in Lanao del Norte – Land of Beauty and Bounty. From pristine beaches to majestic mountain formations, we couldn’t agree more. We wish nothing but a beautiful and bountiful life for our ideal couple, Kat and Juan! 

MalcomJohn Photo | Brice Lagahid
Styled by Liz
Rens Lagahid
Mar. 22, 2018

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