Kitchen Themed Prenup: Jane and Marco’s Sizzling Engagement Shoot

The couple that cooks together, brims with love forever! Okay, we just made that up after seeing this sizzling and carefree kitchen themed prenup shoot for Jane and Marco. This was something you could expect—and more—from two successful specialty chefs!

Destined to cross paths

As a young girl, while kneading chocolate chip cookie dough for her dolls to munch on, Jane used to dream about meeting her perfect husband. “I prayed for someone like my father,” Jane reminisces. “Plus, a bonus – he must know how to cook.”

Jane went on to become a successful pastry chef, now managing a well-known desserts store in Cebu City with a mother branch in Leyte. When she started dating Marco, also a chef, it didn’t take long for her to realize that he was her answered prayer. His skill and passion for cooking were rivaled only by hers. And, this deep love they shared for the culinary arts flavored the romance that soon simmered.

The sumptuous proposal

Even the proposal was in foodie paradise. On a trip to Bangkok, Thailand, a city famed for its rich culinary history, Marco got down on one knee and popped the question. Jane, with the heady aroma of pad thai and tom yum goong wafting around her, didn’t even hesitate.

Kitchen themed prenup

The choice for the pre-nup shoot theme was, thus, inevitable.

Surrounded by the herbs and spices that brought them together, and, the tools and utensils that symbolize their respective crafts, Jane and Marco were in their elements.

And, the candid images by Wildfolks Studios show it.


Sometimes, bubbly. Often, stirring. But, always a gastronomical feast for the eyes.

Each frame showcases not only how at home they both are in the kitchen but also how much fun they have with each other.

kitchen themed prenup

Even elbow-deep in flour, Jane is radiant.

Donning the groom-to-be apron with finesse, Marco looks doting and supportive.

 kitchen themed prenup

Both bask in the confidence that they have finally found each other’s sous chefs.

Outdoor rustic romance

On top of the kitchen themed prenup, the couple gave a more intimate glimpse of their chemistry with romantic outdoor captures in rustic Morrocan feels.



 kitchen themed prenup  

Flavor-filled journey together

Jane and Marco are now ready to embark on a life-long food trip together, fueled by deep affection and guided by a recipe of honesty, commitment, and respect. While life’s ups and downs might grill their relationship at times, a blend of patience and compromise with a garnish of humor will surely continue fanning the flames of this delectable affair.

Cheers to a couple who have successfully blazed yet another straight path from the stomach to the heart.

More of their culinary adventure in their Save the Date video by Franz Arrogante.

Coordinator: Wedmark Cortes
Photography: Wildfolks Studios
Wedding Video: Franz Arrogante
Styling: Style Like Ai
HMUA: Pops Capul

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