Silky, Lacey Love Affair: The Much Raved-About Bridal Robes in the Philippines

With a room full of people getting ready and suppliers gathering around to do make-up and document the whole scene, the hours leading to the wedding ceremony could be the most taxing. But amid that, we see brides perfectly dolled up with excitement in their eyes and exchanging a laugh or two with her girls, in bridal robes of silk and lace.

Hands down, bridal robes have become a noticeable trend in Philippine weddings. We had a delightful chat with Giovie Cartagenas, owner of  La Sposa Bridal Robes and Wedding Accessories to give us an insight into their much-raved-about robe pieces.

How it all began

For Giovie, necessity was indeed the mother of invention. While planning for her wedding in 2015, she found herself having a hard time finding an affordable yet quality robe that she ended up making her own. The personal need eventually turned into a country-wide business. Three years later, La Sposa Bridal Robes and Wedding Accessories now serves over 500 brides a year, priding themselves on being the first bridal robe company in the Visayas and Mindanao. More than these two regions, clients from all over the Philippinesand even overseastrust them for personalized bridal robes and unique wedding accessories.

Why personalized bridal robes are a big hit

If you’re still thinking about whether or not you should hop onto this chic bandwagon, these reasons might convince you to.

It sets the tone

Are you having a laid-back beach wedding? A classic ceremony? Or perhaps a fun, pastel motif? The robes, worn by the bride and her bridal party during the preparation, can easily dictate the tone of your overall theme and feel through its color or distinct prints. Giovie’s team makes sure that brides get to freely customize their robes, including design, fabric, and color. “They always have the final say,” she revealed.

It can be personalized and given as a bridesmaid gift

Speaking of customization, brides enjoy having the robes embroidered with names or titles of their female entourage, instantly turning it into the perfect bespoke gift that can actually be used even after the wedding.”It makes a good souvenir especially if you have it personalized. You can use it as an everyday loungewear robe,” Giovie suggested. “It also allows you to remember the good times you had during the day.”

bridal robes

It’s aesthetically pleasing

With cameras rolling throughout the big day, it’s undeniable that any bride would want to be picture-ready at any given moment. It’s therefore no surprise that women are investing in pieces that effortlessly make them stunning in every frame. “Remember that you only have a few hours to savor your big day which you prepared for for months and even years; so make the most out of it by having that extra elegant look during wedding prep photos,” said Giovie.

It’s made to be comfortable

Something so pretty could actually be so practical! Just as important as the look is its functionality. Robes, being lightweight and mostly made of soft fabric, are easy to wear and move around in. From having make-up done to doing last-minute duties, robes allow women to move freely and comfortably without losing elegance.

Made with love

Giovie and her team continue to deliver quality service without hurting the budget, just as when she started. “Clients can customize their robes at an affordable price,” she said. And easily too! Transactions can be made online, which makes it convenient for their OFW brides.

“We do not have cut-offs so we produce their robes as soon as they make a downpayment. We do not demand full payment because we want to gain trust and provide transparency to our brides, especially because we deal with them online. We constantly send them updates, from raw materials to work in progress, embroidery, packaging, and eventually shipping.”

Believe it or not, the outfit worn during the pre-ceremony photo shoot is actually one of the things that many brides forget about. This is a common case for La Sposa Bridal Robes and Wedding Accessories, but being able to overcome rush orders of personalized bridal robes for brides in the Philippines and abroad has been one of the reasons why their clientele just keeps on growing.

The new addition to the La Sposa collection, the PJ and shorts set.

The growth has been so remarkable that they are now venturing into sleepwear, like pajama and shorts sets, which are not only comfy enough for on-the-day preparation but something you’ll also find sulit as it can be cozy enough to be worn at home.

“It amazes me because we have worked with so many brides worldwide. Our robes have reached Italy, France, USA, Australia, and New Zealand to name a few, and across the Philippine Archipelago like Koronadal, Palawan, Cotabato, etc.,” Giovie shared. “La Sposa has grown into a global bridal robe name despite its humble beginnings.”

A Sneak Peek Bonus

La Sposa Bridal Robes and Wedding Accessories will now cater to mothers with the La Sposa Motherhood, a vibrant line of 100% cotton robes and nursing covers tailored for expectant and nursing mommas!

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