Liane and Sherwin: Rings, Fur Babies, and Other Cherished Things

The past year wasn’t forgiving for couples planning their dream wedding, and it still is the case to this day. Restrictions have compelled events to shrink and adjust. However, there is still magic amidst the mundane, and this couple of nine years proved that planning an intimate pandemic wedding can be just as enchanting.

Simple. Meaningful. Magical.

For Liane and Sherwin, the grandeur of their wedding was found in the tiniest details. This is a story about a bride who unknowingly designed her own engagement ring, a celebration with zero guests and their dog as their witness. Take a look at their breathtakingly detailed classic, Korean drama inspired wedding.

A Prelude to a Kiss and a Bespoke Ring

Liane and Sherwin, who met at work, have been together for almost a decade. On their 9th anniversary, they welcomed another milestone in their relationship when Sherwin handed her a ring and asked, “You’ll marry me, right?” Drunk in love, happiness and probably some wine, it wasn’t until the following day that she noticed her jewelry line’s logo peeking around the band.

It turns out that Sherwin ordered a custom ring from Sola (Liane’s jewelry business, which is also named after her dog!) under an alias a year before the proposal. Realizing she designed her own ring and that she’ll get to #wearSola throughout their marriage made the gesture even more personal and special. 

From the Edge of Their Seat to a Walk Down the Aisle

The day before their big day, word was going around that total a lockdown was on the horizon, and it would fall exactly on their wedding day, March 28. Yet, fate would not have it as the lockdown was announced to commence a day after their wedding on March 29.

Because the bride’s family is based in Cebu, their absence left a big void. But their love still filled the room through touching messages, tears, and video calls which still made their presence felt. Despite the panic and the uncertainty prior, everything still fell beautifully into place.

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Little Moments. Big Memories.

Their wedding set in Lucas Studios was beyond beautiful, filled with blush, blue, and other crisp hues. They traded their guest list for a small-scale affair that was made big by the stories they would get to tell. With only a few friends and suppliers, everyone present in their wedding had a role to play. ‘Near and dear’ was the name of the game, and the couple’s team played it to a T. Indeed, everyone contributed to the exquisite designs and styles that made it look like a scene straight from a k-drama. Liane recalls what made her wedding one for the books:

“Everything felt perfect, and my furry baby was able to join us.”

… and that was all that mattered. For some, an intimate wedding might not seem like it fits the mold, but it shapes moments that would last a lifetime. Such as the gentleness and gracefulness of Sherwin and Liane’s beautiful pandemic wedding—a ‘mini-mony’—that trample grandiose anytime. They would not have it any other way.

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Here’s a deeper look into this touching intimate wedding.

Bride: Liane Escalon
Groom: Mark Sherwin Chan
Wedding Date: March 28, 2021
Photography: IG @mymetrophoto @erronocampo
Videography: IG @treehousestory @alesialmario @patbeni
Bridal Gown: IG @joesanantonio
Bridal Shoes: IG @curatedbyjeffersonsi
Groom’s Suit: IG @oriasstudios
Wedding Rings and Jewelry: Sola Jewelry
Makeup: IG @lindsaycoalog
Event Styling: IG @randylazaro_
Cake by: IG bethanydreamcakes
Location: IG @lucasstudios_

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