Maggie and Joepet: Proposal Amid Rocks and Tides

College sweethearts

Maggie and Joepet met in college. Maggie’s cousins remember Joepet delinquently pursuing Maggie even if it meant commuting with her to make sure she safely arrived home which was almost 3 hours away from the university. With Joepet being so gentlemanly in his interest with Maggie, he soon found himself easing in with her family and into Maggie’s heart.

Family trip turned proposal

Maggie thought it was a typical weekend getaway with her family. But little did she know that Joepet had a more special plan in mind. He had earned the blessing of her parents, and on that day, with the connivance of their family and friends, he was going to pop the question.

Maggie was blindfolded and with every few steps she took, someone whose presence was familiar handed her a long-stemmed rose. Closest friends, siblings, cousins, and even their parents were there to witness it all.

She said Yes!

Beneath a floral canopy and with a cathedral band ring custom-made all the way from London , Joepet got down on one knee. By now Maggie’s emotions were soaring, but without hesitation she gave her sweetest nod.

Picturesque scenery

There could have been no better spot to get on one knee. The tides and rocks were no distraction to this couple’s well captured magical moment.




Maggie and Joepet had braved tides together. And though it may look like their engagement was the conclusion of their over a decade-long relationship, their story had actually just begun.

Photos by Morning Halo.

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