Mindanao Wedding Photographer Brice Lagahid: Making the Most of Moments

Sometimes, life has a tricky way of leading us to our true calling. For our featured artist, Mindanao wedding photographer, Ludger Brice Lagahid, it was an incredible opportunity out of the country that made him quit his newly-found passion for photography, only to be led back to it; this time, with more control.

An unexpected twist

Brice’s love for photography started in early 2011. He invested in his very first camera with his own savings. He later had the opportunity to join a group of photography enthusiasts, which has now become one of the most notable teams in the wedding industry in Mindanao. However, another opportunity opened for Brice in Australia and without a definite timeline of his return, he decided to leave his team.

This turned out to be a good thing because, upon his return, he was able to start malcomjohnphoto, his very own brand, named after his son. While Brice initially started his photographer journey in Mindanao, his artistic career has since taken him to different places in the Philippines.

Dedication and distinct style

When it comes to capturing moments, whether it’s an engagement or wedding shoot, Brice is a huge fan of naturally taken photos especially that of couples. “I want them to act the way they usually do when they are together, that’s when photos are most beautiful,” he shared. A strategy that he revealed, which we totally agree with, is making side jokes. It never fails to lighten the mood among the subjects during takes.

What keeps the man behind malcomjohnphoto moving is the raw fact that he absolutely loves what he does. Plus, he appreciates the bonus that he gets in building friendships with clients as a result of making amazing expriences with them.

“I get to know strangers, become acquainted with them and after the session, make friends,” Brice said. “In fact, I get to mingle with different kinds of people who taught me a thing or two.”

Nothing’s impossible

One of the things that truly inspire the people that Brice works with is the fact that he is an amputee artist. “For me, it’s all about looking forward and facing reality; living life the way I want to while I still have one leg,” the Mindanao-based wedding photographer shared. “This initially didn’t come easy but I have learned to accept it. I know God has His purpose in everything.”

He delivers an output that is beyond complete and impressive. “I may be different from all other photographers who are fully abled but I can sure do a lot of things especially now that I am inspired by my son and my partner,” he heartwarmingly explained.

Finding inspiration and constantly learning

Being a wedding photographer not just in Mindanao but in the rest of the country, it’s important to be constantly inspired. Brice has witnessed numerous riveting moments of inspiration but one thing that is very close to his heart was when his best friend married his girlfriend of 14 years. Having witnessed their relationship from the beginning to a break-up to getting back together again, Brice felt honored that malcomjohnphoto got to capture memories that would be shared to the couple’s children and grandchildren. “When the time comes and someone will ask, ‘Who took your pictures on your wedding day?’ I know he will proudly say my name.”

Mindanao wedding photographer

Brice acknowledges the challenge of brainstorming and coming up with unique concepts that would stand out from the rest. That’s why one of his weapons is constantly learning. “It’s about catching up with the modern innovative ideas that make it a little more challenging every time,” he confessed.

Expert tip from a Mindanao wedding photographer

For newly engaged couples planning their wedding and photoshoot, here’s what the Mindanao wedding photographer has to say, “Plan your wedding ahead of time, make time scheduling, seek advice, ask opinions, make a budget, and choose reliable wedding suppliers among others. This is not just any day but your wedding day!”

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