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What we would give to have the most special people on our most special day etched permanently in our minds! Luckily, what our memories may falter in, photos make up for.

We give the center stage to a company that dedicates its resources and expertise to make your moments last a lifetime. Momento Photobooth Services strives to perfect the craft of preserving moments through fun and sophisticated photobooth setups for weddings and other special events you want to forever capture the spirit of.

With our photo booth, the guests can be the star in their own way.

Putting You in the Spotlight Since 2018

Three years deep in the events industry, Momento Photobooth has already served many happy customers. Their roster of satisfied clients includes familiar names in the local showbiz scene, such as actress Claudine Barretto, Geneva Cruz, and DJ/Host Nicole Hyala. On top of that, Elite Leadership and Business Awards are just some of their remarkable feats. 

For Elaine Tan, owner of Momento, what makes their services unique is the premium feel of their photobooths without expensive rates. Plus, they offer bridal car services too! The affordability and high-quality formula became their ticket to having more than 35,000 followers on Facebook and having a page full of praises.

The Best Part

Elaine revealed that the best thing about what they do is getting good feedback from clients, which can be attested to the glowing reviews on their page and the broad smiles in every photo, reflecting how customer-centric their services are. Even when operators encounter technical issues, nothing can stop them from providing top-notch services.

Similarly, one of the best parts of events and wedding receptions, in particular, are the icebreakers. Food and traditions aside, you need elements that would keep your guests entertained. If a photobooth is on your list of ‘nice-to-haves’ instead of your ‘non-negotiables,’ here are some reasons that could convince you otherwise:

5 Reasons Why You Should Invest in Photobooth Services

1. It revives your guests’ energy.

A photobooth juxtaposes the solemn ceremony you had just moments ago. The energy may be low from all the heartstrings pulled, but a photobooth has the power to transition those touched tears to hearty laughs. So, a photobooth provider can set up right at the entrance to set the mood.

2. It keeps people entertained while they wait for you.

Post-nups and retouching can take quite a time between your ceremony and reception. While your guests wait for your first entrance as hubby and wifey, photobooth operators can keep them occupied with a fun activity they get to share with other guests. Elaine shares this insight:

“When we say weddings or birthdays, the spotlight will always be on the celebrant/bride and groom, but with our photo booth, the guests can be the star in their own way. The guests can also enjoy that moment, not just sitting in the venue for the whole time of the event.”

3. It is an exciting way for people to connect.

Similarly, while you say your vows, the hushed setting does not give your family and friends many opportunities to catch up. A photobooth can be a conversation starter and a way to share smiles and hugs. Just take a look at Momentos’ albums and see for yourself.

4. It captures moments that your photographer/videographer may miss.

Your esteemed team can only do so much. While the pros are busy snapping in the other corner of the event place, you can make your own photo opportunity right in front of a high-quality lens, exciting props and a thematic backdrop.

5. It makes great souvenirs!

The best part? Guests get to take home these snapshots and remember your day every time they look at them. Ask your supplier to customize the layout and setup based on your wedding theme and budget! A memento for keeps is a worthy investment for the best day of your life.

This element will still encourage guests to get up and make memories so do not hesitate to put your trust in an acclaimed company such as Momento. Put a photobooth at the top of your list and get unforgettable snaps in a flash!

All-photo credit: Momento Photobooth. Check them out for your next event:

Facebook page: Momento Photobooth Services PH

Instagram: @momentophotoboothservicesph

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