7 Naughty and Nice Things You Can Do During Quarantine with Your Partner

My husband and I met on a blind date in 2008.  And up to this day, “Who fell in love first” is still a constant debate! If we were characters from FRIENDS, he would be Chandler, and I would be Rachel.  So just imagine how different we are!

Now, I am sure that you will agree with me when I say that marriage changes things.  Suddenly, life happens!  I’ve had a lot of Rachel moments when we were dating, and he used to find it cute, but now, he just finds it immature. And as for the Chandler style sarcasm thrown my way, let’s just say, I am not a fan.

Truth be told, you savour the space you have when both of you are at work. Or when one of you goes on a business trip. All is well. You miss him, he misses you. And you get butterflies in your stomach again.

But then the lockdown happened! It has been said that spending 24/7 with your partner will drive both of you crazy! The lockdown not only increases the pregnancy rate, but also the divorce rates!

So, I thought I’d list some suggestions on how to make things fun while you’re in lockdown with your partner.

1. Still Go on Dates

On Friday nights, I’d serve cold beers, and chips in our yard and we’d enjoy it together. We get to talk about work, and everything else. So, it’s important to stock up on your choice of drinks, and your favourite food too! I try to use beer glasses just so it adds to a “pub” mood. One of my favourite things in life is having drunken sex! Isn’t it fun??

2. Dress Up for Your Man

I know. Being in PJs all day is the best feeling in the world! But when you can, try to dress up for your man.  My husband buys me lingerie. So, I’ve been wearing them!  If your man likes you in make-up, then put on make-up. If he’s into you in short skirt, then do it. Trust me, wonders happen! So, to you I say, you go girl!

3. Cook for Your Lady

Nothing is sexier than a man who can cook. Fill your home with the aroma of your steak on a grill, or her favourite bread, or just her simple comfort food. Cooking for your ladies will speak volumes!

4. Take a Break Together

Your new normal still deserves a coffee break at 10AM. Prepare a cup of coffee, or tea, for both of you, and enjoy the sun. Enjoy that comfortable silence.

quarantine activities

5. Give Each Other Space

Because we get to be together 24/7 now. We do this on Sundays. I give him the whole day to watch his shows, while he gives me space to drool over bag review videos.  Let your partner breathe. They need it. Each one needs his/her own space, even if that space means just being a room apart.

6. Make Each Other Laugh

This is a time of uncertainty. Your partner probably has a lot on his/her plate, so try to make her/him laugh all throughout the day. Enjoy working side by side. You get to see a version of them you don’t get to see often! You get to see them in their work mode!

7. Switch It Up

Most humans work well with daily routines.  Your husband might be in charge of taking the trash out or cooking.  Why not try to switch things up a little? If you are not someone who likes to cook, try doing it anyway! Being in each other’s shoes occasionally will surely help you appreciate each other better.

This may sound cheesy, but isn’t it amazing to be stuck with someone you love? What have you been doing with your partner, so far?

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Karen wakes up every morning and thinks, "What if I die tomorrow?" Just that little push she needs to eat that cake, buy that bag, and wear those shoes! A graduate of Journalism, she started writing at the age of 9 with her siblings as her audience. As a Gemini, Karen is a lot of things, but her fave is being a wife, a mum, and a career woman. Karen is now living in Auckland, New Zealand.

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