10 Pandemic Wedding Tips from An Industry Veteran

While we are slowly but surely easing into what we now recognize as (new) normal, weddings are still a very big part of many people’s lives. COVID-19 may have stopped the world for a (long) moment but it was never able to stop love.

Oh, yes, we’re being cheesy right there! If you have the kind of love that conquers a global pandemic, we’re so down for that, but we’re also here to remind you to keep safe, be smart, and stay healthy!

We’ve always gushed over intimate weddings even before they were mandated. And so, to make sure your intimate wedding will be a treasured memory for you and your SO, we’re bringing again something from Renz Peña, Emcee ng Bayan. This time he’s sharing ten helpful pandemic wedding tips to make your big day practical and safe during these challenging times. 

1. Be Strict with the Guest List

2. Choose the Venue Wisely

3. Plan the Timeline

4. Have a Short but Lively Program

5. Follow Protocols

6. Consider Cash but Cashless Gifts

7. Go for Useful Souvenirs

8. Do Not Compromise Photo-Video Quality

9. Take Advantage of Technology

10. Don’t Hesitate to Give Your Guests Some Reminders

With Love from an Industry Veteran

Renz Peña, or more fondly known as Emcee ng Bayan, is a wedding host loved for his lively personality and smart quips. Check out his Facebook page Emcee ng Bayan by Renz Rubpen for more similar humorous yet helpful posts!

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