Personalized Cake Toppers: See the Best Ways to Top Off a Look

When it comes to weddings, or any important event for that matter, the devil is always in the details. These details include everything, from as obvious as a backdrop to as trivial as a cake topper. Personalized cake toppers have become more and more trendy in the party scene and we can’t really blame anyone. After all, it’s the perfect way to turn a simple dessert into a work of art or to take an element-filled cake up a notch.

However, custom cake toppers is a route that one must tread with caution. It could go from classy to tacky within seconds if not done carefully. So, we tapped Joan, the lady boss behind Personalized Accessories by Joan, to show us how it’s done. Pay close attention to color choice, material, and even font size in her actual designs.

Joan has been in business for 8 years. On fashionistas, from everyday style enthusiasts to bloggers to celebrities, her edgy necklaces and other chic accessories have appeared in shoots and magazines. But her brand, Personalized Accessories by Joan, is now also making waves in the wedding industry, as she has introduced customized cake toppers, which can be done in acrylic or cardstock, to her services.

Keep it short, sweet, and witty

personalized cake toppers

Make a mark with your initials. Initials are a no-fail technique to add character to a cake. Or, leave a subtle hint with personalized cake toppers in short wordings. Keep your guests intrigued with a special date, a quick movie quote, or perhaps a word that can fully capture the celebration. The best thing about custom-made toppers is the fact that you can, most certainly, customize it to your liking and personality.

Say it elaborately

There’s no better way to showcase the reason for the celebration than to make it as an elaborate statement piece on a pastry. Spell it out in words or do it with symbolic icons. Here, Joan makes personalized acrylic toppers with intricate details to come up with a fusion of text and shapes. With Personalized Accessories, you can fully customize how you want your topper to look like. It can be as simple or as sophisticated as you please.

Make it blend mid tier

Who says toppers can only be used as, well, toppers? Personalized Accessories teaches us that that’s not always the case. Think outside the box–or within the layers! Don’t be afraid to be more playful and creative by incorporating your personalized cake topper to one of the tiers. With the right execution, it will never look out of place.

personalized cake toppers
personalized cake toppers
personalized accessories by joan

Tackle it within theme

Speaking of out of place, a common rookie mistake is utilizing a cake topper like it’s an alien object just hastily added to “decorate”. Remember that, while you want your topper to make an impression, it should never stray away from the overall look and feel of your event. Take these looks from Joan, where the acrylic and cardstock personalized cake toppers are seamlessly integrated to stay true to the theme, whether rustic or elegant.

personalized cake toppers
personalized accessories by joan

Go for contrast

One of our favorite looks from Personalized Accessories is this all-black acrylic topper on this one-layer cake. The cake and the topper complement each other well with their contrast colors and with the choice of font style! See? Details. Sometimes simplicity can be the one thing that could make your custom topper pop!

More than just personalized cake toppers

Joan’s business started out as a hobby when she was still in college. Over the years, she has gained clients that trusted her. “I just continued to sell the products because people already trust me,” she shared. But it’s not just about topping off a look. What really keeps her motivated is, “Making what my clients want into a reality; adding personalized touch to the wedding cakes.”

personalized accessories by joan

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