Real Brides Talk About Real Marriage Lessons From Their Moms

Moms. They are the first to love us but also the first to call us out. Most of the time, it’s our moms (or any mother-figure, for that matter) that we look to for advice. Even when they’re not the type that sits you down and talk about life, one can still always learn from watching them deal with married life, running a household, raising kids, and everyday demands.

Married life isn’t always as dreamy as the wedding day. You’ll learn things along the way, and as you navigate through such a journey, you suddenly find yourself channeling in your inner {insert mother’s at-least-three-syllable-name}. Now you feel more confident and totally calm and loving!

Brides-to-be and now-wives share the lessons they learned about marriage life straight from momma.

What’s the best marriage lesson you got from your mother? Let’s share notes!

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