Salvae and Adrian’s Refreshing Outdoor Engagement Shoot

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When asked by the officiating priest why they wanted to get married, our featured couple’s answer was simple and true. “Because we love each other.” This response was radiantly evident as they shared their heartwarming proposal story that led to a refreshing outdoor engagement shoot.

A uniquely delivered proposal

When it came time for the proposal, Adrian Francisco, found himself in a pickle. The love of his life, Salvae Fe Tormis, whom he met at a Sinulog event, was half the world away, working in the United States. But, he knew the thousands of miles between them was but a minor bleep in their love story, and, instead of getting discouraged, he took the distance as both a challenge and opportunity. After weeks of trying to come up with the most memorable proposal, he decided to go old-school—by mail.

Salvae Fe opened a package from the Philippines one day, and knew her life was about to change forever. “Inside was a very beautiful miniature of our faces. His figure was kneeling down and asking for my sweet yes.” Salvae Fe still gets teary eyed over the memory, but who could blame her?

Refreshing outdoor engagement shoot

Such a perfect blend of simplicity and creativity. Memorable, exactly because the precise combination is so elusive and difficult to achieve. Yet, this couple managed to pull it off again, with their glamour-themed and refreshing outdoor engagement shoot.

The bride and groom agreed that only a natural backdrop would do for the vision they wanted.

The lush garden of Shangri-La’s Mactan Resort and Spa provided a ready-made tropical paradise. Surrounded by coconut trees and verdant shrubbery, the couple, both in light colors, popped and dazzled.

refreshing outdoor engagement shoot.

The bride chose a flowery gown to match the dreamy fantasy. The groom, though not in armour, shone as her knight, nonetheless.

The resulting images are ethereal.

Simple and classy. At the same time, creative and glamorous.

But, Salvae Fe thinks it was their smiles that topped it all off. “Our smiles showcase a love that will last a lifetime,” she muses.

While showing us these photographs, Salvae Fe can’t help but reminisce about their wedding. “The most memorable moments for me were our vows. And, the way we looked at each other.”

      refreshing outdoor engagement shoot.

Enough said

While we giggle with kilig, we can’t help but ponder over their simple answer to the priest. And, the priest’s simple response, “That’s the only answer I wanted to hear.”

If it’s good enough for the priest, it’s good enough for us. This sweet and simple love will surely get them through.

See more of this delightful shoot in this prenup video.


Bride: Salvae Tormis
Groom: Adrian Francisco
Coordination: Deoliza Rapada
Flowers and Styling: First of April
HMUA: John Granada
Photos: Alvin Asayas Photography
Video: Franz Arrogante
Gown: Yoko Sato Li
Locale: Shangri-La’s Mactan Resort and Spa, Cebu


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