10 Things I Learned from Having an Intimate Wedding with Fewer Than 30 Guests

One of the things that make a wedding, well, kinda stressful is having to think about the guests. How many can you accommodate? What food and entertainment shall you provide them? What happens if they don’t RSVP? Therefore, a clever way to solve such a problem is to go for an intimate wedding!

Intimate weddings are rare these days and evidently, it’s not just about avoiding guest-related issues, but for other more personal reasons as well. For our guest author and bride, having fewer than thirty guests only proved that less is indeed more—more memories to cherish and more lessons to treasure.

1. We were less stressed—I think.

I have read posts after posts of weddings that were delivered less than expected because of suppliers. I’ve even read of one having to buy food from the outside since di dumating ang caterer and one who went to the police station after their wedding para ireklamo ang coordinator nila. Having a small wedding meant having fewer suppliers hence less sakit sa ulo. Well, depende din sa suppliers, thank God we had amazing ones, thanks Tita Jay!

2. Everybody had a role.

Since 29 lang kami, lahat may role. Mapa coordinator man hanggang sa mag peprayer for the food. It’s just nice everybody had a part and actually enjoyed doing them. (Except for my maids of honor Iya and Gugoy Brodit. JK!)

3. Familes were comfortable to be who they are.

This is relative depending on the personalities of the families but for us, this was just perfect. Everybody was their selves and no bars were held since there were just 29 of us. Everybody got to talk to everybody and this is one of the best parts of it. We even got to prepare a dance number even though ngarag (keri lang kasi konti lang ang audience) just to show our love and appreciation to the big new family we now have.

intimate wedding

4. Toasts got so personal as revealing some not so “revealable” things.

You get the picture.

5. We have customized a lot of items.

From souvenirs to letters to songs to be played, it’s easy to spice things up since they are all family and we know them so well.

6. We started and ended earlier than expected.

Since pamilya na nga kami so kung ano ung normal Sunday gatherings namin, parang ganun lang din at di na nagkahiyaan magpaalam na aalis na, may pabalot pa. *wink

7. We got to see the smiles and tears of everybody.

This made me (ako lang, mas magaling si Ton mgcontrol) cry uncontrollably but I really didn’t care if my face was all scrunched up since yun nga, family naman lahat. Everyone was in pictures and videos which can be part of our wedding memories that we can always watch.

8. More food.

For us, it was either we didn’t eat a lot or Pio’s Kitchen was too generous with their servings, (pero seryoso, I ate a lot) either way, we had a lot of food na actually lunch ko pa ngayon ang inuwi ng family ko sa Bacolod (ang layo ng narating haha and it’s still so good). With great food comes great CR? Haha! So we also didn’t have a problem with the long line, people can CR their hearts out.

9. We focused more on the requirements.

What took most of our time was not the venue, the suppliers, nor the search for the perfect clothes, it was the requirements. We’ve spent 80% of our time on seminars, going back and forth to the City Hall, countless times of applying the CENOMAR and birth certificate (praise God for online PSA!) which made us more hands-on on the documentary compliance.

10. It became easier for us to focus on the reason of the marriage—Jesus Christ.

Well, this is again relative, may it be a big wedding or a small wedding but for us, Ton and I are just so bad at multi-tasking that we are easily distracted by the things that really don’t matter. (At one point I was stressed because of finding shoes that will fit my gown and a pair that will not sink into the garden, took me 3 hours in SM!) we had to do less (actually it was lessER, because of Tita Jay, Tito Greg, our families and Iya who took care of almost everything, (we love you). We got to really take the time to read about marriage, pray about it, talk to our families and our Victory group, attend seminars and got some words of wisdom, even plan out what kind of life we will have once we are married.

We would’ve wanted all our friends and other relatives to join us but thank God they were very understanding when we shared our plan—this is also important—to talk to people beforehand so that less tampuhan and be frank with them. If they love you, they’d be happy for you and understand, like how ours did, right JLouie Miranda?

This is just me and purely based on what I felt and observed. This is not to brag or make people feel bad for not being able to marry soon, but this is to encourage that nothing should be able to stop you if both of you are called to marry. Not even the ire or opinion of other people, finances, and pressure of your families. Pray about it and pray for discernment and provision. Pray for His perfect time. God hears you.

For single women/men, I don’t have the right to tell you to wait since I have been an impatient one making mistakes one after the other, (praise the Lord merciful and full of grace Siya) but I pray that if you’re like me, your heart will start to seek God, to pray and cry out to Him, so that He will transform you in this season of waiting into the woman/man He wants you to be.

I have been to many weddings (big and small) and all were just so beautiful! I’m sure any type of wedding mapa Civil man, Church, Christian or any kind honored by the Republic of the Philippines anywhere will be great and amazing if focused on the things that matter and the main reason for marriage—Christ.

Update: 26 lang pala kami. binilang ko sa pictures. See? I didn’t even know.

Bride: Doy Brodit-Victoriano
Groom:  Nigel Victoriano
Venue & Food: Pio’s Kitchen
Video and Photos: Krē.8 Media Production
Music: Uno Ritmo
Flowers for entourage: Handmade by our Tita Jayjay
Hair and Make-Up: Tayme Canencia / Tayme Makeup Artistry
Souvenirs: Becky’s Kitchen
Accommodation: B Hotel Quezon City

In addition, our Church is Victory Fort and Pastor was Pastor Christian Dionglay (Chan Andanar Dionglay) who was just the best. The Pastoral Services of Every Nation greatly helped us, special thanks to Ms. Jessica.


More about Doy Brodit-Victorian

Guest author and bride Doy is a mechanical engineer by profession and an active member of the Victory Church by passion. We found her unique wedding celebration to now-husband, Nigel Victoriano, through a wedding group and instantly, we knew we should share her smart and helpful learnings from such a beautiful celebration!

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