Tiny Wedding Details You Can DIY To Make A Huge Difference

Weddings are always exciting. But they could also be exasperating at times. If you’ve ever been closely involved in wedding planning, you know that you need to go over the checklist at least a hundred times to make sure that you do not miss anything. However, sometimes the problem is in not being able to tick off all the items in the list, but it’s in not having some items in the list in the first place. We can be so focused on the more noticeable needs like getting a photographer, booking a coordinator, and ordering flowers, that we tend to overlook smaller details, some more crucial the others. The good news is, these tiny details can be done quickly and even at the last minute. And despite that, they can make a huge impact in the overall look. Well thought out details leave an impression that you have put a lot of consideration and effort in personalizing your wedding. With just a few, simple materials like paper and card stocks, added with a dash of creativity, you can smoothly make these wedding elements while saving some serious cash along the way.

Labels and signages 

While it’s easy to assume that attending a wedding is a no-brainer, there are still a lot of means to accommodate guests better. Signages are popular nowadays, directing guests as to where the ceremony will be or the dancing will take place. You can make directional signages and quirky labels on food and drinks using only chalkboard or special paper.

Escort Cards 

The very first thing your guests wonder when they arrive at your wedding reception is where they will be seated. An escort card is suitable for semi-formal setting where you assign your guests to certain table but not specifically a seat. It should include the name of the guest and the table number. Place these on a table by the entrance or hang them on a string, and you’ll have people easily navigating to their assigned places.

Place Cards 

A more formal way to assign seats is through place cards. This needs to go hand-in-hand with a seating chart, ideally available at the lobby or anywhere visible to all the guests entering. Once they see their assigned table number, they can head on to their actual seat and find the place cards with their names. Print out or have it nicely handwritten, cut them, and viola! You have personalized cards that not only serves as a seating guide, but can also be an added memento for the guests.

Guest book 

There are a lot of ingenious ideas online on making a guest book, and it does not even have to be a book. But if you’re running out of time but wouldn’t want to skip the on having the guest leave their best wishes to the newlyweds, you can never go wrong with a nice a blank book. Simply adorn it with some photos and the lovely notes will follow.

Table numbers 

Here’s a fun way to add a touch a of DIY to your centerpieces! Make your own table numbers with a some cardboard, sticks, and clips. Or, instead of the usual, plain numbers, couples can use their photos or include favorite quotes or lyrics to this much needed wedding detail.


This detail is often missed in most weddings, but it’s actually a thoughtful gesture if you leave menus for the guests to see. It helps them know what they can anticipate and allows them to remember any dish that they may like. Simply get a copy of the menu from your caterer and print it out. Simple and easy but goes a long way!

Personalized favors

Finally, if you have bonbonnières to give out on your wedding, make it extra special by adding a tag of each with the guest’s name. Nothing says “thank you” more than individually prepared gifts. What small details did you DIY or plan to DIY in your wedding? Tell us in the comments!
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