Anong Klase ng Bride Ka: The 10 Types of Pinay Bride

Brides come in different shapes, sizes, and, well, personality. We all have our distinct ways of exploring an idea or tackling an issue. As bride-to-be or once-a-bride, you may not be able to notice our quirks, but if there are people who would, it’d be those around you. We came across these witty visuals from Renz Peña, Emcee ng Bayan, about the ten types of Pinay bride and we couldn’t help but giggle at the accuracy!

Which of these types of Pinay bride are you?

DIY? Bridezilla? Budget-friendly? Read on to find out.

types of pinay bride



The observant mind behind

Renz Peña, or more fondly known as Emcee ng Bayan, is a wedding host loved for his lively personality and smart quips. Check out his Facebook page Emcee ng Bayan by Renz Rubpen for more similar humorous yet helpful posts!

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