Pop-Culture Inspired, Unique Wedding for Christa and Patet

Classic and elegant weddings never fail to impress us. But just as true, when we see a unique wedding, we feel a different kind of euphoria. It’s always refreshing to find out-of-the-box ideas or rare touches to an otherwise traditional day. When we saw our featured couple’s wedding, we just knew that we had to share it!

We are big movie junkies and huge fans of TV shows. We could spend weekends, holidays, in-between jobs just binge-watching seasons after seasons of comedy, romance, mystery, the macabre. We have been Netflix and chilling way before there was Netflix. It’s, therefore, a treat for us to find this city chic, pop-culture inspired wedding of Christa and Patet, which gave a nod to screen favorites.

Boy meets girl

An excerpt from the couple’s photo album:

Patet grew up believing that he’d never truly be happy until the day he met the one. This belief stemmed from early exposure to sad 90s rock songs and a total fascination for the movie, ‘A Walk to Remember’. Christa Lea might have also shared this belief. Since witnessing the drama unfolding in the relationships of people she knew, she’d only learn two things. The first was to wait for the right time. The second was how easily she could cut her hair off and not feel a thing.

500 Days of Dating… Kidding, it was way more than that

Christa and Paterno met at work in 2009. She was the company nurse and he was the mechanical engineer. They both just graduated and they both just got their licenses. “We met at work, yet started a relationship when I had quit. Since then, we enjoyed frequent bus rides, shared silly jokes and even discussed political insights,” the bride shared.

Could this get any more chic flick?

unique wedding

Kids, this is how I proposed to your mother

Christa and Patet consider themselves polar opposites. But just like any Katherine Heigl and whoever she’s paired with, the lovebirds share the same interests and goals in life. “Christa knew me too well, she already had an idea that I was proposing. We went to Sta. Fe, Bantayan for our 3rd anniversary, in my head I had it all planned out. I placed the engagement ring inside the puso (which I wove) and proposed to her during dinner,” Patet revealed. And just like any rom-com, something else happened. “Well, it ended Christa discovering the puso before dinner. So, I proposed to her that afternoon instead, at the porch of our cottage. So unromantic,” the groom recalled.

The One With the Routine and other Unique Wedding elements

The pop of colors in the details of this unconventional wedding says so much about the couple’s creativity. The sketches in their invitation and the subtle touches of wooden rulers were inspired by the movie 500 Days of Summer. Aptly so, at that time, the mood set by the movie was the couple’s favorite, “Though it was not a love story,” they said in jest. They confessed that Christa loved Zoey Deschanel’s quirk and Patet seemed to gravitate toward Joseph Gordon Levitt’s appeal a.k.a. a love-struck loser. Although we all know Patet is no loser!

The table numbers featured images from popular TV shows like Big Bang Theory, New Girl, and even CSI. But perhaps the best part of this unique wedding was the couple’s rendition of the famous dance routine of Ross and Monica Geller from Friends. “We performed Ross and Monica’s routine for our first dance. We knew they’re siblings, it’s a weird performance for a wedding. We initially wanted to perform Robin and Barney’s wedding routine (How I Met Your Mother) but it was pretty difficult, with lifting, for both of us being non-dancers,” they shared.

Nonetheless, we reckon the guests felt lucky to have joined the charming merriment!

Photo: BlinkBox Photos
Stylist: Cuckoo Cloud Concepts
Wedding coordinator: Wedding Errands

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