Labor of Love: See How This Bride Executed a Stunning DIY Wedding

We are suckers for DIY! So when we came across this bride’s post about her big day, we didn’t miss the opportunity to get an inside scoop of how the stunning set-up came about. Meet Verna, a certified artsy bride who executed a well-planned and oh-so-well-designed DIY wedding with the help of her husband, family, and friends.

Verna is no stranger to arts and crafts. She had been doing do-it-yourself projects for her kids and, occasionally, for clients which she acquired through word of mouth by doing souvenirs, party decors, and personalized cakes. But it was when she started planning her intimate Christian wedding that she knew she was about to face her biggest project yet.

God’s gift

Verna met JM in Adamson University, where they were both Architecture students although they were not from the same batch, with Verna being a year older. “I know because I prayed for him. He’s God’s gift to me. That’s why we call each other as ‘GG’,” she shared when asked about how she knew he was the one.

Behind the DIY

While Verna and her team did a lot of implementation hours before the ceremony, she was organized enough to prepare other items months before the wedding.

The wedding was truly intimate with only 60 pax including suppliers.

Rustic meets industrial chic

Verna and JM’s wedding theme was a fusion of rustic and industrial chic, something that showed the couple’s characters. With this in mind, Verna went on to plan all the DIY wedding details.

“I decided to DIY my wedding because I’ve been doing DIY on everything in our house and on other people’s events. It is my passion,” she revealed. “Plus, it makes me feel comfortable; I’m at ease being hands-on on anything. I don’t want to blame another person if there’s any missing on details that I want.”

DIY wedding

All the DIY wedding details

First of all, it’s worth mentioning that this DIY boss made an illuminating wedding cake! On top of that, there were a lot more that she did with raw creativity and resourcefulness. She designed and styled the entire venue, did the invitations, made the bouquets, corsages, flower girls’ headpieces and baskets, the ring and coin bearer holders, and decorated the candles and match. She also created the souvenirs and giveaways, menus and programs, most of the table centerpieces including mini cakes for each table, the wall and aisle decors, and the welcome board. Impressively long list, right?

DIY wedding

DIY wedding


All worth it

It was hard for Verna to pick just one unforgettable thing about her wedding to JM since for them, everything about it was worth remembering. But one moment that may have stood out for her was their first dance. “We couldn’t help but cry. It made us so emotional because I and my husband waited for so long for that day to happen,” the DIY bride said. Seeing all the things she had done, seeing the venue completed with the help of her loved ones, seeing her vision come to life was for her truly fulfilling.

DIY wedding tips

If you’re a bride planning to DIY your own wedding, here’s some tips from one bride to another. “The most challenging in DIY is handling the time,” Verna said. It’s essential to identify how long it would take to make one item so you can properly manage your time. “Organize yourself first before organizing your tasks or you’re gonna end up cramming.”

She added a piece of practical advice to which we agree: “I would recommend DIY only for those who are into it because at least they know what’s their capacity or workmanship. Wedding event (big or small) is very risky to DIY if you are not used to making things or making DIY. They should consider that everything that has to be made in a wedding should look elegant.”

Bride: Verna Escolano
Groom: JM Regonaos
Venue: Dansalan Gardens Sky Lounge
Catering: Executive Gourmet
Wooden Tables and Chairs + Green wall (alone) : Event Rentals Philippines
Sounds and Lights: Hagamann Lights and Sounds
Photographer: Christian Garcia

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