Should You Get a Wedding Package Deal or Go À La Carte?

It’s been said time and time again that every girl dreams of her wedding day. That we all fantasize about walking down the aisle in the perfect dress with the perfect song, surrounded by the perfect people, and gracefully floating toward the perfect man. It wasn’t the case for me, personally, but I sure have girlfriends who even practice their walk just so it fits their perfect fantasy. And I admire them for that.

Whether this is something you can relate to or not, I think we can all agree that our big day should be something like this: worry-free and something that encapsulates one’s taste and personality. So with quite a number of wedding promos advertised in your news feed daily, you may find yourself asking a rather popular question: should you get a  wedding package deal or go à la carte?

At the risk of sounding cliche, both do have their respective advantages and disadvantages. Here we break down and simplify these pros and cons to help you decide better.

What are they?

Wedding Packages

To be clear, we are talking about wedding packages offered by events coordinators. These are not the “wedding package” offered by other suppliers; for instance, videography services, which is tailored for wedding coverage.

Wedding packages are common in the Philippines. Get yourself in a Facebook wedding group and you’ll find a wide array of options for this kind of service. They usually come in different bundles. Some include the basics like on-the-day coordination, photo/video coverage, flowers, and decors. While others are all-in packages that include every single wedding detail, including full coordination, bridal car, catering, giveaways, suits, and dresses—that all you really need to do is to show up.

À La Carte Bookings

It is what it’s called. It’s not a package nor set nor bundle. It’s about booking each supplier separately.

wedding package philippines

Bonus: Should You Get a Full Coordinator or On-the-Day Coordinator?

The quick answer to this: it depends. It depends on your needs and your budget.

Full coordination, of course, is more pricey. However, it is highly recommended for couples planning from overseas or for extremely busy couples. Any time during the planning, you can contact the coordinator to ask for help on just about anything wedding-related. They can even help you in accomplishing the paperwork. It’s likely for them to have the right connections so your last-minute hurdles are easily ironed out. You can go about your daily routine abroad while your wedding is taken care of in your homeland. Just make sure you are constantly in contact with your coordinator to ensure you are always on the same page.

On the other hand, you can get on-the-day coordination for as low as P10,000.00. That’s why we have listed it as one of the ways to save on your wedding expenses.  This is great if you are willing to be hands-on during the entire wedding planning, and if you have the time to be. If you feel that you only need extra hands and guidance on the wedding day itself, then skip the wedding package! This is the right choice for you.

Needless to say, getting a coordinator is non-negotiable. On the most crucial day, the wedding day, you would need all the help you could get. From coordinating the pre-ceremony pictorials to make-up to handing out the suppliers’ meal to organizing the church march to making sure everything is smooth until the end of the reception. Don’t be that stressed-out bride who couldn’t even enjoy her own wedding. Whether it’s full or OTD, do yourself a favor and get yourself a coordinator.

Final Tip: Always do your research and background check.

Don’t be a victim of wedding scams and save yourself from nightmares by diligently doing your research before booking any vendor, whether package or à la carte. Visit their website or social channels, read reviews, ask for recommendations, ask for legit photos of outputs, and, for the love of God, read contracts carefully.

We hope these tips help!

Did you book a wedding package or did you go for direct suppliers? Share in the comments below or tell us your story and we might just feature you! Just click this form.

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