Wedding Tips Amid the Corona Virus Threat

corona virus wedding

Canceled flights, travel bans, prohibited gatherings. Covid-19 has really put a wrinkle in the wedding industry. So, how do you plan a wedding during this time? Better yet, how do you go about it? We’re sharing a few tips to help you keep up with Love in the time of Corona Virus.

Look out for news updates, keep safe, and most importantly, remember what truly matters in a wedding: the union between you and the love of your life.

Alina Kintanar

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An account manager by day and a freelance copywriter by night, Alina (or Ally because she insists on being Ally McBeal—and yeah, she's just as feisty) discovered her fascination for weddings when she helped plan her sister's big day a couple of years ago. Since then, she's always been on the lookout for the industry's hottest trends.

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