Gushing Over Memories With Glen Ducante Wedding Films

It’s not about how the couple kiss on cue, it’s about how they giggle right after realizing that that must have been the most public kiss they’ve ever shared. It’s not only about a bride putting on her beautiful dress, it’s also about that nervousness and excitement that shine through in her eyes. It’s not simply about a groom holding back tears as his soon-to-be wife walks toward him, it’s also about the rigid smile a father makes when giving away her daughter to another man. These details, as heartwarming as they are, could be otherwise forgotten if not for cameras rolling just in time to capture them. For our first ever Wedding Kultura Supplier Feature, we chatted with one of the most-booked wedding videographers in Cebu, Glen Ducante.

Making it as a Wedding Videographer in Cebu

Glen, the man behind Glen Ducante Wedding Films, has been in the business for seven years. He started in 2011 and today, his name can be easily recognized in wedding expos in the city. More than that, he and his team have started to make waves in other parts of the country, creating same-day-edits (SDE), proposal and pre-wedding videos, and occasionally for other events such as debuts.

Contemporary with a mix of classic is his distinct style. You can tell he is a storyteller by how striking and organized each clip he delivers. “The best thing about what I do is that I get to meet different kinds of people and also learn from them,” he shared. “At the same time, I’m doing my passion in creating wedding videos that would best describe my clients who would turn out to become my friends.”

Impressing Clients


Pleasing the clients is perhaps a top priority of any wedding vendor, and at times, this results in bigger challenges. “For me, the most challenging thing we ever did was when we were told that I only got 30 minutes to finish my SDE when the reception had not yet even started,” Glen revealed.

For Glen every wedding he had covered was unforgettable. But there was one that really left a mark on him. “It was our Chinese wedding in which we had a language barrier because the couple couldn’t speak English. Nonetheless, despite the challenge, we managed to pull off the SDE,” he said of the incident which gives us a glimpse of the many types—and nationalities—of his clientele. 

Glen works closely with his wife, Rhenaye, whose charm oftentimes becomes a booster for brides to be more comfortable with the cameras. While it may not always be an ideal case for everyone, Glen considers himself lucky to be working with his wife, “Work becomes easier when you get to work with your spouse because he/she understands you and knows what you need.”

wedding videographer in cebu

Tips for Couples

Glen has been in the industry long enough to witness several couples’ journey through wedding planning. “Plan ahead, seek advice from friends who already got married. Online search is one way to look for best suppliers,” he advised. “Don’t just settle for good photo and video, always put in mind that its the only living memory of your wedding day.”

And we couldn’t agree more!

You may contact Glen Ducante Wedding Films at
Facebook @glenducanteweddingfilms or @glenducante
Mobile  09989543430/09171661588

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