Zarah and Justin’s Filipiniana Prenup and Fast Food Postnup

Worlds apart. That’s probably the best way to describe the two photoshoot sessions that our couple had. And if you think about, Zarah and Justin, in fact, had lived in totally different parts of the world before they crossed paths in, you guessed it, a fast food place! See how this Filipina’s life intertwined with an American gentleman and how they were led to a Filipiniana prenup and a fast food after-wedding pictorials.

Work, travel, destiny

Zarah met Justin in a work and travel program in the States in 2013. “He interviewed me for my second job at KFC,” she recalled. Justin later confessed that during this formal meeting, he actually told his colleague that he shouldn’t be hiring Zarah but be marrying her instead. Talk about love at first sight!

The Filipiniana prenup shoot

Filipiniana Prenup

It was during one of their drives from Walmart going home that Justin popped the question. And it seemed like it not only felt right, it also felt breezy for both of them to agree on what type of engagement shoot they were going to have.

“He’s American and we wanted to have a touch of Filipino culture in our engagement shoot,” Zarah shared. “Nothing common and mainstream, we both couldn’t stand long hours of picture taking. We chose one theme and that’s it.”

The Filipiniana themed session was shot in Sandiego Ancestral Home, a popular historic Spanish colonial house in the south of Cebu. Dressed in full Maria Claria inspired Baro’t Saya and an exquisitely designed Barong Tagalog, the couple blended beautifully in the national treasure of a structure surrounded by priceless relics from the past, as they prepare for their future.

“I believe it was perfect,” Zarah described the engagement shoot.

Reliving how it all began

From a theatrical setting, the couple decided to get a bit quirky with their post-nuptial photo session. Straight from the church after saying “I do,” they headed to a busy KFC branch in the middle of the city to relive fond memories of the place where the romance first sparked.

“For our post nuptials, we decided to do it in a KFC branch in Fuente which was proper since we first met in KFC branch in Wisconsin, USA. We finished our shoot in Fuente Circle to feature one of the significant spots in my city,” shared the bride.

Zarah described her wedding as simple yet meaningful, something close to her heart as a Filipina. “The entire experience was phenomenal. It was indeed fast and we would love to relive the day as guests so we would see everyone having fun,” she gushed. While they were not able to be too hands-on with their wedding preparation in the Philippines, she revealed that they had a blast working on DIYs on their civil wedding in the US, from invitations to giveaways to cooking the food for their guests!

Bride: Zarah Emily Kwallek
Groom: Justin Christopher Kwallek
Event Organizer: Romel Pareja
Photographer: Mikhail L. Arrogante
Videographer: Rico Jude

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