Chesca and Doug Kramer’s Vow Renewal and What This Generation Can Learn From It

We don’t see it a lot these, especially not with the younger generations. A vow renewal is practiced to reaffirm a married couple’s wedding vows. It’s often celebrated during milestones such as a silver or a golden wedding anniversary. So when young power couple Chesca and Doug Kramer celebrated a decade of marriage with an unexpected (at least for the husband) vow renewal, it became a reminder for us that it’s never too soon to revisit what has been promised, whether it’s for reestablishing or revising.

Marshall, in How I Met Your Mother, had put it so beautifully for his wife Lily, “Our wedding vows, maybe they were just too perfect for real life. Real life is messier than that, and we’re different people than we were in 2007. But that’s okay. Maybe we just need some updated vows.”

And just like our favorite TV couple, Lilypad and Marshmallow, celebrities Chesca Garcia and Doug Kramer did just that.

It appears that it was Chesca who planned the whole event. She managed to pull off a stunt that would give her husband the surprise of his life. The fun twist was that, Doug actually thought he’d be the one surprising her. “I thought I was coordinating a mini surprise for her today and give a ring to symbolize our 10th yr while having dinner with the family with a band playing. But again, the surprise was on me!” he said in an Instagram post.

Here are the must-see photos—including that of a victorious looking wife—of the light-hued, elegant rusticity themed soiree.

Feature image credit: @teampatdy

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