This Couple Chose to Have a Joyful Jollibee Wedding

In case we haven’t made it clear yet, we are obsessed with unique and budget-friendly weddings. This time, we feature a couple in Olongapo City that went viral for their unconventional celebration that takes us back to our childhood days and reminds us of our true Filipino roots. Meet Janine and Marious, the newlyweds who chose to have a Jollibee wedding!

In a nation that loves crunchy deep-fried chicken and saucy hotdog-filled spaghetti, Jollibee has always been a favorite venue for celebrations, being affordable and hassle-free. However, exclusive events in this fast-food chain are commonly kiddie parties. And that’s exactly what makes this wedding interesting. Perhaps, it’s something most of us have been secretly considering but never found the boldness to do so.

We had an exclusive chat with the bride, Janine, to find out a little bit more about this practical yet joyful jolly choice (get it, jolly?).

The Couple

Janine and Marious were workmates in Moonkkang Talk, him as an IT specialist and her, an online teacher. They started out sharing a strong friendship, which eventually turned into something more. “We developed deeper feelings since we always hang out together,” Janine shared.

Missing the Taste of Home

While planning their wedding, the two agreed that they don’t want to overspend. Another thing that they had in common? Love for food.

Incidentally, while Jollibee has been a global food chain, Janine and Marious were already based in Thailand, somewhere that didn’t have any of its branches. And like any Filipinos abroad, they were badly missing the taste of home.  “Out of nowhere, we decided to do it there,” revealed the bride.

The Jollibee Wedding

The Jollibee wedding planning was exciting for the couple as they kept everything a secret. No one else knew where the venue was nor what the wedding date was. Janine and Marious only sent out invitations to their guests upon coming home to the country when all paper works were done and the venue arrangement was made.

“Nagulat na lang po sila nung nakita nila invitation na sa Jollibee gagawin both ceremony and reception (They were surprised to know that both the ceremenoy and reception would be held at Jollibee),” Janine said. The venue also created a bit of confusion among guests but it was instantly replaced with merriment.

What was more special was that the wedding happened on a Palindrome date, 02-02-2020 and at 2:00 PM.

 Jollibee wedding

Make it Your Own

When asked if she would recommend this kind of celebration to other brides, Janine eagerly said, “Yes. Definitely! Especially if you’re a Jollibee kid. It was super fun, it’s like a kiddie party. Everyone was having a good time.” She said of her 47 guests. Evidently, it was the elderly family members who were extra happy about it because it was quite different from what they’ve experienced in traditional weddings.  “We were also happy because, throughout the wedding, everyone was just laughing.”

While their wedding created a buzz, all Janine and Marious wanted was to make their special day memorable.

Bride: Janine Veronica Minas
Groom: Marious Pabalinas
Venue: Jollibee Ulo Ng Apo
Host: Camille Tabinga
Photographer: Minah Nguyen Dimakiling
HMUA: Jereline Olivera

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  1. Ellen

    Ito lang ang kasal na may bato bato pik sa ceremony kung sino ang mauuna magsabi ng wedding vow. Mula ceremony hanggang reception, puro kami tawa


    1. Quinn B. Pantinople

      Hi Ellen! Thanks for dropping by! This really sounded like a super fun wedding! We hope to see more of this 😉


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    enjoy ako habng pinapanood ko kasal nila. sabi ko kakaiba .di ko akalain … .. nagviral congrats


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      Thanks for dropping by, Lourdes! Agree! Fun, no-fuzz, totally inspiring indeed! <3


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